1/48 LF Models Me-109X

by Allan Wanta




M.S.R.P. $49.95 US dollars

Resin, photo-etch, decals, vacuform canopy,…sweat,tears,..alittle more sweat.

Kit number  4804


Not a whole lot is known about the V21 model of the Me-109. What is known is that an attempt at using a radial Pratt and Whitney in place of the standard inline DB engine. 

For this purpose, a Me-109E airframe was modified forward of the 7th member and widened to an almost round cross-section at the cowling. The wing span was slightly lessened as well as having squared off tips as in the D or E series. What the test pilots noticed was an improved ability in performance in a dive as compared to the 109E as well as improved ground handling. Since a great deal of improvement was not forth coming, the novelty of the design was lost and never put into production. 
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The Kit 

 X marks the spot Mateys, arhhh. What are the chances of finding a treasure in this sturdy cardboard box? Well that depends on what you'd consider bullion or bust. After getting a good idea of what this nice resin kit is all about, I'd say half-dozen of one and 6 of another. Nicely done resin fuselage, and nicely done parts being copies of the Hobbycraft Me-109D or C kit.

  Yep, you scurving puppies, look and feast your "I paid $50.00 bucks for mostly resin Hobbycraft parts" eyes. Granted the photo-etched parts are original, and I think the interior is mostly original LF craftsmanship, but for heavens sake. A suggestion to LF Models, make this a Conversion kit and save us some money and you some development time. 

 Hey, it's a Me-109. What am I doing making a Me-109? Because chances are YOU didn't even know this kit was available. I even have photographs to prove it can be built, and fairly simply too! Let me help you around some of the tuff spots.

  Like all Me-109 assemblies, make the cockpit; paint it RLM 02 with the little bits in sundry grays and blacks. Although the seat was really well cast, I opted for the Ultra-Cast part with the belts molded on, very sweet. Glue the fuselage halves together, they match up perfect. The hard part is making sure the cowling opening is round. A lot of super glue built up in layers and careful sanding will insure the hole is round.  The engine face is placed somewhere in the cowling, it doesn't have a home but with trial and error one was found.

 The cockpit is next, and can be mounted through the lower fuselage opening; it too needs to be positioned according to your best guess. What's up with at least putting a scribe mark or a scratch on the inner fuselage half to indicate the proper position? Hmmm, I'll put that on my ASK THE MANUFACTER list.

  A one-piece wing is in my hand, dry fit this one and you won't be crying later. Do however expect the wing thickness to be off when lining it up to the fuselage fairing. In order to use the widened fuselage with the wing, it had to be shortened on the upper half, creating a mismatch of thickness. Be careful with the filler here and don't obliterate the detail.

  The tailplanes are butt joined as usual, making alignment a chore. I suppose one might use an aftermarket set to position the elevators in a more natural position. It's going to be an expensive Hobbycraft, err… LF Models kit!

  The landing gear is best lost in the carpet; even the Hobbycraft version was horrible. So a copy of horrible is, well. Double horrible. Some legs from a Tamiya kit found there way into the scene with the wheels being the original kit items. I hear the cash register ringing up another resin aftermarket item for this kit, a CMK model VDM propeller. This is a great little item to replace those unrealistic props on FW-190's; it only took a couple dollars.  

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The painting was easy. Decals are too. Only one canopy though. I'll swap another canopy in the kit in exchange for that landing gear!

  Cry, Cry, and Cry. I'm not saying this wasn't a nice kit. Actually it was pretty simple and ended up looking great! So for those Messer-smiths out there here is a Me-109 that will actually stand out on your display shelf! The fun factor was a 7 out of 10 so I rate it pretty well, and the criticism is only meant to give LF Models one modelers point of view on marketing stuff in the U.S.A. It was certainly a pleasure to build this  and I appreciate LF Models making this


Photos and text © by Allan Wanta