1/48 Tamiya Bf-109 Trop.

by Jahja Juwana



Here's my Tamiya 1/48 Bf109 Trop., actually there's nothing much to say about this model, since I built it OOTB.  About the kit itself,  I never built a 109 before and I was surprised to see how small the model was even in 1/48. 

The surface detail is good, the panel lines is deep enough for a wash after 7 layers of paint (Primer,base color,camo color,clear coat,clear coat) on the contrary to some modeler who prefer their panel lines should look plain, I like mine to stand out a li'l more, personal liking I guess.

The cockpit detail is good OOTB, but can be further enhanced by using aftermarket detail items, the wheel well detail is adequate, the canopy is OK, but care must be taken when cleaning up the stub from the sprue.  Construction is hassle free, I used no filler at the fuselage and wing root join. I didn't even use any glue for the horizontal stabilizer, but the main landing gear installation should be carried out carefully since the join here is a lil' loose, I used 5 minute epoxy here and then held the model on a jig until it set.

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For the painting as usual I primed my models before the painting session begins, for the color I mix it using the formula recommended in the instruction sheet, the mottling takes most of the time, I used Tamiya acrylic all round, when properly thinned it sprayed very good through my Badger 150.  The decal is good, responded well to Micro Sol, even the decal for the air filter looks good when apllied and weathered properly.  

Weathering was fun, I used thinned poster paint and pastel chalk, for the chipped paint effect I used lightly thinned silver paint, so the silver wouldn't build up too thick.
Conclusion on this model is that is was easy to build even by a beginner except for the main landing gear which require some attention.
Now I'm gonna build another 109 from Hasegawa, wish me luck....



Photos and text by Jahja Juwana