1/48 Monogram Bf-109 G & 

1/48 Italeri Fw-190 D  


by Polly Singh


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Erich Hartmann and Gerard Barkhorn, No 1 and 2 aces of all time with 352 and 301 kills respectively had between them 653 kills plus one Hawker Kestrel that Barkhorn bent in 1968.  Finding the Monogram 109G and the Italeri Dora gave me an idea to build these two ac, the mounts of probably the greatest fighter pilots of all time.   This is Hartmannís G-10 (without cowl breech bulges) whilst he was GruppenKommandeur 1 Gruppe JG 52, April 1945.  I rogered the black tulips and so had to hand paint them (donít look too closely).  It sports the non standard Braunviolet/Dunkelgrun/Graublau with a black spinner (some sources state this was Schwarzgrun with Aero master decals.  I painted the undercarriage oleos red as the type used 100 octane fuel.

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The other ac is Barkhornís 109 Dora when he was Geschwader Kommodore of JG 6 in Jan 45 at Lower Silesia.  The decals are from the spares box and the red and white Reich defense markings of JG 6 and his wifeís name (Christl) are hand painted.  The aircraft is painted in the then standard braunviolet/bright green/lichtblau scheme.


Photos and text © by Polly Singh