1/48 Arii/Otaki Bf-109G-6

Gallery Article by Alexey Matvienko


This is old Arii/Otaki Bf109G kit, which I made in 1995.  In 1995 we did not have the beautiful Aires cockpits or any other exterior and interior aftermarket accessories.  And I built this kit with only the intentions to correct the Arii/Otaki inaccuracies.


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I made some scratchbuilt details, such as spinner, cowl bulges, windshield, cockpit details, slats, tail wheel and main wheelwells.  The model was painted in accordance with sources I had that time. 

Decals were taken from my "spares box" to replicate Gerhard Barkhorn's aircraft.  On known photos, the surfaces of the plane looks as if it is semi-gloss.  Probably photos were taken when plane was in good condition.

Alexey Matvienko


Photos and text by Alexey Matvienko