1/32 Hasegawa Bf-109G-6

Gallery Article by Fancherello


Here are some pictures of my 1/32nd Hasegawa Bf-109G-6, depicting the plane of Frantz Gotz. 


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I used MDC sets to improve the cockpit, wheels, exhaust pipes. These sets are the best I've ever seen since I practice modelling: high detail, perfect fit...a dream!  I also used the Eduard photo-etch set which is very good because it provides trailing edge radiator flaps and other radiqtor mobile parts ( which are shown in open position ).

The Eduard set highly improves the wheel wells. The fit is surprisingly good for an Eduard set!  

RLM 76 is from Pollyscale acrylics, RLM 74/75/70/71 are from Gunze acrylics. A wash was made with raw umber oil paint and weathering was done with Gunze smoke on the upper surfaces and with mixes based on RLM 76 for the undersurfaces. A coat of Pollyscale gloss was then sprayed.

Decals come from a Cutting Edge sheet that provides a wrong camo scheme, fortunately Franck Oudin helped me a lot providing me some pics of the real plane, thanks again Franck!

Decals were difficult to use and reacted quite "violently" to microset, I painted the nose spiral. Eventually the aircarft was sprayed with Pollyscale flat varnish.

I hope you all like it

I enjoyed building this kit so much that you may see another one of mine soon


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Photos and text by Fancherello