1/48 Monogram B25J Gunship

Gallery Article by Mark L. Rossmann on Mar 30 2010


In 1943 the last production “D” model rolled off the Kansas City line. The final variant, the B-25J, was built to the tune of 4318 making it the largest number produced. 800, 8 gun nosed gunships numbered in this final total. This gave the gunship a maximum of 18 .50 caliber machine guns, which 14 could be brought to bear in a strafing attack. More of the bombardier nosed “J’s” were converted to the gunships with field kits provided by North American. Underwing racks for four 5” rockets could be added, along with additional 150 gallon tank in the radio compartment. 

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“Sunday Punch”, 43-27498, #44 of Capt. Richard Richardson is from the 82nd BS/ 12th BG stationed at Foggia Italy and was one of only a handful of gunships received by this group. The 12th was activated in January 1941 and deactivated in January 1946. The group saw action in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Sicily, Naples-Foggia, Rome –Arno and finally in March of “44” moved east to the CBI Theater. The 12th BG became part of the Tenth Air Force and was not replaced in the Twelfth Air Forces 57thBW, leaving the 310th, 319th, 321st and 340th to fight it out with the Nazi’s. It was the first B25 BG in the MTO and the first to leave. In the summer of 1945 the unit began conversion to the A-26 Invader preparing for the invasion of Japan. Thankfully Japan surrendered on September 2nd and the 12th never flew the Invader in a combat mission. 

I bought this Monogram kit (#5507) at the Twin Cities Aero Historians club meeting in Nov of 09. Instructions are dated to1991, and are the same gunship model just rereleased by Revell. It is the premier 1/48 B25 model to go along with the “H” and glass nosed “J” produced by Monogram, in the mid 90’s Accurate Miniatures nicely followed up with the early versions of the B25. The kit is well manufactured with interior detail that is still at today’s high quality, including the armament mounts in the nose. It’s a shame you can’t see it all. Minor filling was needed in areas, I painted the general body of the aircraft with Testors silver, but did not initially attach the solid nose, that was built up separately. 

(See Dave Johnsons February 2010 article on the Revell release) 

After locating the Albatros “Dragons and tigers and girls..oh my!” 5 years ago, I decided it was time to build some of them. You will find 3 other articles of mine on this site for other aircraft off this sheet. This is aircraft #13 on the sheet, a dash 32 and it indicates it flew out of Padaveswar India in 1945. These decals are nice, but the instructions lack much detail which you have to fill in. After spraying the nose silver I masked off the face and sprayed it with Testors flat white. Since no frontal view was available, based on the other reference material I guessed where the white cut across the nose. I then placed the decals for the front of the nose on first, once dried, I added the guns and weights in this area. I attached it the main body filled in the gaps and touched up the area. The rest of the decals went on fine, I think I got it ok.


  • Information from ALC-48008 decal sheet.

  • Squadron Signal Publications #34.

  • Osprey Combat Aircraft #32 – B-25 Mitchell Units of the MTO. 

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