1/32 Tamiya F-14A Tomcat VF-41 Black Aces

Gallery Article by Fabio Taira on Nov 21 2018



Hi people
I'll start showing to all of you the aftermarket sets used in this project.

Decals     1/32 CAM 32-124
Cockpit resin     1/32 Aires F-14A + RIO panel from Avionix F-14B upgrade set 
Photoetch      1/32 Eduard ED32529 interior set 
                       1/32 Eduard ED32144 exterior set
Wheels resin     1/32 Wheeliant (by aires) WT132004
Bomb set resin 
     1/32 Wolfpack WP-32052
Boarding ladder 
     1/32 Wolfpack WP-32006

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I made a research based in photos and books that record this version using the external load with the almost unusual GBU-24 bunker-buster. according to text from "Osprey Combat Aircraft No. 70 F-14 Units of OEF" , just nine GBU-24 would be dropped by Tomcats during OEF and two of that by the VF-41. another note from the book is "Each of the VF-41 aircraft allocated to the mission was armed with just a single GBU-24 apiece..." .

One thing that I just donŽt know. what exactly MODEX has carried this LGB. 

A long time passed with this work in my desk , and now I finally concluded it. I hope every one enjoy this work. One thing that I could not correct in time, because the main fuselage had already been mounted is the correct "longitudinal angle" of the wing (when the wing is swept back) with the segment of the fuselage (that edge that had the wing glove). When the wings are swept back on parking configuration set , the tip of the wings are pointed to a specific longitudinal direction. The kit, when in this position, point this position too much up . And this mess up a little bit the final visual on the pictures ...

But in the next project IŽll try to correct this little "detail".

Fabio Taira

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Photos and text © by Fabio Taira