"Red October exhibition"- IPMS Chile

Gallery Article by Ricardo Cornejo on Jan 21 2019



Dear friends of the hobby, along with greeting them cordially I am writing to show you an exhibition organized by IPMS Chile, subsidiary of IPMS UK. Together with the support of the National Aeronautics and Space Museum of Chile, we have organized the exhibition of models called "Red October". As its name implies, models are exhibited mainly of airplanes, helicopters and some armored vehicles used from the pre-war years to the present in the Soviet Union and Russia. The works are authorship of several members of our club. Enjoy the photos.
Observation: the criterion used to baptize our event with the indicated title was exclusively historical.

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The exposed works are the authorship of several members of the club. We are a group of enthusiasts who practice the hobby of modeling or scale modelry since the beginning of the 80s. We currently have as the venue of meetings the interior of a BAC 1-11 or One Eleven that provided us with the National Aeronautics Museum and the Space of Chile. This year we also participated with an exhibition of models during the realization of FIDAE 2018.

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Photos and text by Ricardo Cornejo