1/72 Hobbycraft DHC-4 Caribou

Gallery Article by Leonard Prakasam on Jan 26 2019

  Indian Republic day 



Wanted a quick build to restore confidence that I can indeed finish a model in time and this kit came in handy. 

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The model was built pretty much OOB with the only addition being the nylon fishing line that I used for the antenna cable. The fit-up was fairly decent and the surface details are scant if not totally absent. The model represents the Caribou that was part of the 1971 war effort. The "BharatRakshak' website was a good source of information for this aircraft.

The model was painted with acrylics after receiving a priming coat.  Panel variations and discolorations were achieved by using filters of grey before the decals were applied.

A simple build that still managed to teach me a thing or two to improve my scale modelling!

Jai Hind!

Leonard Prakasam

Photos and text by Leonard Prakasam