1/72 IBG Models RWD-8

Gallery Article by Bob TheDoc on June 4 2019



The RWD-8 was a Polish basic trainer, about 550 of which were produced from 1934-1939. It was used by both civilian flying clubs as well as the Air Force, and was incidentally the most numerous airplane produced in Poland till then. In WW II, they were used for liaison flights, and most were destroyed. About a hundred were withdrawn to mostly Romania and Latvia, where they were interned.

This model represents an RWD-8 that was interned in Latvia and subsequently used by the Latvian Air Force. It went on to be used by the Soviets too, once they occupied Latvia.

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The IBG kit is a little gem - cheap, simple, nicely detailed, well-fitting. The sprues are of excellent quality, no flash or imperfections at all. The kit box and instructions are first class-too. The only minor issue I noticed is that there are numerous thick sprue gates on all parts, so snipping out and clean-up is a bit laborious. Decals are of good quality - of course, all swastikas are in two parts to get around legal restrictions.

I made this as a weekend build, a simple project that wouldn't take too much work. It's made OOB - only seatbelts have been added extra. 

Painted using Vallejo and Revell acrylics.

Best wishes from India...

Bob TheDoc

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Photos and text by Bob TheDoc