1/72 RCAF Trainers

Gallery Article by Shawn "phantom" Weiler on Oct 11 2022



Bunch of 1/72 RCAF World War Two trainer aircraft built for someone else.  Some of these kits are nice, some I would never want to build again.

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The group includes 2 NA-64 Yales. A simplified version of the Harvard which were actually built for France. But were diverted to the BCATP after France fell to the Germans. The yellow one was a real bugger to build. Especially the landing gear which had zero attachment points The yellow job is for 6 SFTS Dunnville near Lake Erie. The silver one, which turned out MUCH better is from what today is CFB Bordon. The bi-plane Kadert is a Revell Kit which went together nicely. The best kit in this bunch was the Vickers Delta MkII from Special Hobby. Came with options for floats or ski.

The other kits, The Fleet Finch from Azur. A very fiddly build whose parts lack locating holes and come with a canopy that needs to be shaved down double what the instructions say to fit under the wings. The Cornel from Special Hobby went together well. except for the bubble canopy. That sucker needed a bunch of putty. The last one is the twin engine Cessna Bobcat. The model was ok but the decals were destroyed. I was able to save the roundels with a couple coats of decal save. However the black markings and numbers disintegrated. even with the coat of decal save. The numbers that fit the closest from my stash are for a 1/48 Voodoo. Not perfect but close. The last is the Norseman which just needed repairs. The customer built that one.


Photos and text by Shawn "phantom" Weiler