1/48 Hasegawa Me-109K-4"Red Tulip"

Gallery Article by Sung-hwan Byun


This is the Hasegawa 1/48 kit with some minor details added. These include the followings.

  • 1. Seatbelts from Finemolds

  • 2. Aerials, brake lines, IFF antenna from stretched sprue

  • 3. DF Loop and Molane antenna from Finemolds

  • 4. rear stroage cover from plastic cards. 


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When I bought this kit, I thought it would be a fun job because I was already having headaches with another 109 project. I even didn't close the tailwheel doors because I thought I have built other K-4s already in the closed position and I thought why not open one. Many parts are left over and I think these will be useful building other 109s from other manufacturers.

Painting was done with Model Master acrylics RLM colors. I wanted to simulate the toned down crosses by painting the black part with RLM 82 and I think I am satisfied with the results. A wash with Raw Umber oil paint and some paint chipping finished the job.


Sung-hwan Byun

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Photos and text by Sung-hwan Byun