1/48 Hobbycraft Me-109Z

Gallery Article by Sung-hwan Byun


Me-109Z using Cutting Edge Modelworks conversion set

Me-109Z-2 SG77
I like 109s and especially some exotic ones, and I think this plane is wherecommon taste meets rarity.When I saw Cutting Edge Modelwork's conversion wason re-sale, I immediately bought one to be somewhat disappointed. The wing features recessed lines, but they are mostly imaginary. And making things worse, mine had a warpage, which I found out AFTER the assembly of the fuselage and wings. But you have no choice other than this to make this rare 109 and so it went on.

I used the following kits.

  • 1. Hobbycraft Me-109G-6 X 2

  • 2. Cutting Edge Modelwork's Me-109Z conversion set

  • 3. Finemolds German Aerial set

  • 4. Mustang Me-109G cockpit set

Some parts like the underwing 30mm gondola guns were made from Hasegawa parts combined with 18 gauge needles. I couldn't find pictures or drawings for the proposed underwing 30mm gunpod so, this is an imaginary one.


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Painting was done with Model Master Acrylics RLM 74/75/76 and decals were sourced from various kits, especially the bony hands from the Revell-Monogram Bf-110Z-2 kit. After a flat clear coat and a wash of Raw Umber oil paint, the kit looks good to me.

I enjoyed my work, but I think I'm going to do it again if somebody makes a new wing conversion set for this one.

Sung-hwan Byun


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Photos and text by Sung-hwan Byun