1/32 Hasegawa Bf-109 G14

Gallery Article by†Dave Ramshaw 


After building about forty 1/48 Messerschmitts I was adamant that I wouldnít buy the big Hasegawa 109 when it came out for fear of starting myself off again in a different scale. Needless to say I caved, buying one as a ďone offĒ. I loved the kit and currently have three more in the to-do pile (Doh!). The kit is basically out of the box with scratch built harness and minor details added to the cockpit. All the markings were masked and sprayed mainly because I hate decals. For the national insignia I started out using Eduard masks but didnít have much success with these and ended up laboriously re-masking them with Tamiya tape (I think itís the glue residue on the masks which results in a ragged edge Ė I will clean the masks in situe with lighter fluid next time I use them).  


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Humbrol enamel paints were used throughout with my own mixes for the RLM colours. Iíve seen winter schemes on Luftwaffe machines which are very worn, but I decided to keep mine fairly clean in the interests of an attractive model. I pre and post shaded the model using shades of grey and white on the upper surfaces with a few drops of sand colour added to take the edge off the white. After varnishing with Johnsons Klear the panel lines were given an oil paint wash. 

Iíve now started a desert scheme G2 (I donít just build 109ís by the way, but I usually have one on the go!)  Ė donít know where Iím going to put all these big kits. Now Iíve started in 1/32 I need a new tool Emil - wonder how long it will take for Hasegawa or Tamiya to provide oneÖ.

Dave Ramshaw


Photos and text © by Dave Ramshaw