1/32 Revell Bf-109G2

Gallery Article by Dave Ramshaw


This is the Revell boxing of the Hasegawa 109 kit (I've bought a lot of Revell kits recently - none of which have originated with Revell!)

I used True Details resin wheels as the kit only had the late war disk hubs (I think the Hasegawa boxing of this kit includes resin spoked wheels). These were nicely cast if a little too flat - maybe low pressure for sand use?!


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I not usually a fan of desert schemes, but having seen the Imperial War Museums 109 -Black 6- flying at Duxfords "flying legends" (before it crashed) brought me around to liking it.

Painting was done with Humbrol enamels which I always use.

 All markings were masked and sprayed, for the numerals I first sprayed black then applied some number 2 decals to act as masks. After painting is finished the decal is removed using sellotape. I often use this technique to mask simple shapes ( it works especially well for Japanese roundels), if you are going to try it remember the carrier film is also going to act as part of the mask - trim it if necessary - oh yeah, and don't use setting solutions!

I'll try to send something other than a 109 next time!

Dave Ramshaw


Photos and text by Dave Ramshaw