"Aces of the century"
various 1/32 kits

by Chris Novak



This is my last finished "more-bird-project" named "Aces of the century" depicting the aircraft of the three highest scoring german aces and also the highest scoring aces of all time, Hartmann - Barkhorn - Rall. I started this project last year with the release of the new HASEGAWA G-6, fortunately a few months later Hase changed molds with REVELL
and the same kit went on the market for a much lower price. First one is the plane of 352 scoring ace "Bubi" Hartmann, the Me 109 G-6 "Yellow 1" he flew in 9./JG 52 in Russia, Oct. 1943, built in my "cutaway"-style (like the others too).

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Next one depicts the plane of second ranking ace Gerd Barkhorn,  the wellknown Me 109 G-5 " << + -" / "Christl" he flew as Gruppenkommandeur of II./JG 52 in Russia 1944, kit REVELL. Materials used for technical construction like ribs is modelling plywood ( 3 or 4 layers, 0,4 - 0,8 mm), stringers are small stripes of modelling aluminium-sheet or thin plastic card, parts for interior details are everything I can get, for example small electronical parts from scrapped computers, different brass and aluminium tubes with various diameter and so on.

Last one is the plane of third ranking ace Günther Rall who, after the war, joined the "Bundesluftwaffe" in 1956 and is well known in the USA where he lived for a long time. Rall, back in Germany again, is still alive. The kit is also an actual REVELL , modified to Rall´s Me 109 G-2 "Black 13" he flew in autumn 1942 in Russia with 8./ JG52

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All models not only cutaways ( I love to see the technical detail and interior) but also electrified with working prop and lights, and all planes are brush-painted with a mix of REVELL colours and artist oil-colours, finish ia a special kind of wax. Hope you enjoy the pics like I enjoyed building this project ( which probably goes furthermore with more "Experten" like Steinhoff, Mölders, Marseille, Galland and so on....oops.....seems like a "twenty-bird-project" some day!), 



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Photos and text © by Chris Novak