1/48 Hobbycraft Bf 109 E

Bf-109E Converted to Marseille's  G-2/F-4/TROP


by Polly Singh



This is Hauptmann Hans Joachim Marseille’s G-2/F-4/Trop Wrk No 5237 when he was Staffelkapitan 3 Staffel JG 27 at Ain-El-Gazala, Libya.  The aircraft sports all his 158 kills when he was killed bailing out during a routine Stuka escort mission (his aircraft had an engine fire).  The model is the so-so Hobbycraft 109 E offering with scratch built tropical filter.  Decals are from the spares box and from the kit.  The model was hand painted and the weathering done with pastels and sponge.


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Photos and text © by Polly Singh