1/48 Hasegawa Me-109 G6/U3

by Massimo Giugnoli



Hi, this is my Me. 109 G6/U3 piloted by the Lieutenant Ermete Ferrero in 1944.

Initially he was in the Regia Aeronautica then in the Aeronautica Nazionale Repubblicana. The Lieutenant is distinguished as a good fighter and a good boy. The S.M. Cavagliano remembers him when he fight against the allied B-26s on the 5th November 1944.

On that occasion the "12 Black" of Cavagliano and the "12 White" of Ferrero flew side by side.

Lets return to our model, the starting kit is Hasegawa, the inside is enriched with of the particular ones in photo etched of the Eduard Zoom series, copper thread and parts of electronic components to simulate various connection boxes.

Parts assembled have been painted using the acrylic colours of the Vallejo. We now pass on to the assemblage of the fuselage. The grit carts are detailed enough and once painted and treated with drybrush and washings take on beautiful aspect. To the legs of strength I have added only some copper thread to simulate the small hydraulic liquid pipes and small wrappers realized through adhesive ribbon.


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The mimetic one is that classical to the German splinter of the Messerschmitts in RLM 74 / 75 for the superior surfaces while the inferior were entirely painted in RLM 76. I have used Gunze colours diluted with alcohol and sprinkled with Paasche airbrush. The aging I have realized by lightering the inside of the panels and underlining them with black china coloured.

The particularity of the heraldry of this airplane is in the painted insignia of the cat of the 51 stormo on the right-hand chest, the same cat that is found on the planes of the Aeronautica Cobelligerante of the allies to the south.

The passages shiny-decals-shiny, precede the application of the opaque transparency Humbroll diluted with pure acetone.


Thanks: Ferdinando D'Amico, Marco Viselli, Massimo Jotaz, Riccardo Trotta.



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Photos and text by Massimo Giugnoli