1/72 Hasegawa P-16A Tracker

by Sergio Baptista



This is my first time at the ARC and I will start with my P-16A (how the Brazilian Air Force called its Trackers).  It was assembled OOB and I used FCM decals to finish it. It's not a very good kit, but it's the only one... 
   The Força Aérea Brasileira used Trackers from 1961 until 1987 on the carrier A11 Minas Gerais. The navy, at that time, could operate only helos, so the air force flew the aeroplanes for the navy!  Today our new carrier, the A12 Sao Paulo (ex-Foch of French Navy) uses a Group of A4 Skyhawks flown by navy pilots.


Photos and text © by Sergio Baptista