1/48 Monogram B-25J

with Cutting Edge Decals

by Mark L. Rossmann



The B25J was the last production model with a total of 4318 built, 800 of which had the solid nose with 8 guns. About 870 varying models of the Mitchell were used by the Russians.


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I was fascinated by the Cutting Edge Russian B-25D & J decals (CED48055) and decided to redo an old model B25J that was built nearly 20 years ago with the kit decals. I stripped off the old markings and paint and proceeded to redo this kit. The side gun packs were removed, an extra hole was drilled through the front glass for the 3rd heavier caliber gun. All windows were taped off for painting except the side blister ones were removed. Tamiya AS line of spray paints was used, Olive Drab and Black.


Cutting Edge information says this aircraft was a B-25J-10 Serial #43-28017 from 1945. Inscription Translates as “Sevastopol”, part of the 15th Guards Sevastopol Bomber Air Regiment. The unit was also awarded the “Order of the Red Banner”.


Information from decal sheet and Squadron Signal Publications #34.


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Photos and text © by Mark L. Rossmann