1/48 Fujimi Bf-109G-6 Hungarian Puma 

by Mark L. Rossmann



The Hungarian Air Force was the most successful of the eastern European allies of the Nazis. Fighting in Russia since 1941 until driven back to there homeland by the oncoming Soviet forces. January 1944 brought U.S. and British aircraft over Hungary on a routine basis. Wavering on switching to the Allied side in early 44, the Germans occupied Hungary in March putting in place a pro-German government. The highest scoring ace was Ens. Dezso Szentgyorgyi with 31 kills, including U.S. B-24, P-38 and P-51 aircraft. Hauptmann Erich Hartmann also flew missions with the Hungarians on one occasion as a wingman to Capt. Laszlo Pottyondy.

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This is a Fujimi 109 G model built OOB, it has several options of under wing stores and bomb loads Tamiya synthetic spray paint was used, AS-4 Gray Violet, AS-3 Gray Green, AS-5 Light Blue and TS-34 Camel Yellow.  The tail stripes were taped off and Testor red, white and green spray was used. I was fascinated by the very first AMD decal set 48-001 Foreign 109s and this is the second one off this sheet Ive built. This is a 5/1 Puma Fighter Squadron 109G-6 which fought in Russia during early 44.


  • Osprey Aircraft of the Aces #50 and the AMD sheet.


Photos and text by Mark L. Rossmann