1/48 Hasegawa Fw-190 A8/R8

by Mark L. Rossmann



Hasegawa has provided a well thought out designed model.  It allows for an A8, A8/R2 and A8/R8 version of this fine fighter.  This series was armed with 4x20mm cannon, 13mm mg, firing alignment device and a methanol water injector.  It was the most numerous model of the Fw-190 produced.

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Spray paints used were Tamiya AS-3, AS-4, AS-4 and Model Master Flat Black.  The kit provides for canopy masks which worked very well.  Kit decals were used to create Unteroffizier Willi Maximowitz’s Sturm IV, JG3 Salzwedel from June of 1944, possibly deployed briefly at Normandy, is identified by the “Winged U” badge and the wavy bar marking.  Unofficially his tally was 25 of which 15 were “heavies”.  Maximowitz failed to return from an Eastern Front sortie on April 20, 1945 .


Kit instructions and Osprey’s Aircraft of the Aces #9, Focke-Wulf FW190 Aces of the Western Front 


Photos and text © by Mark L. Rossmann