1/48 Monogram B25H

1st Air Commando Gp. 

by Mark L. Rossmann



In August 1943, The “H” model replaced the “G” on the assembly line at Inglewood. The version added a 5th MOS crew member, “Military Operational Skill” persons, the pilot and tail gunner the only ones with single roles. The lower turret was finally deleted since it never really was successful. The tail area was redesigned to have a gunner with twin 50’s with 600 rounds a piece. Barbettes were now standard on both sides with a single 50 carrying 200 rounds. A T13E1 75mm cannon was retained in the nose along with two more 50’s and two twin gun packs on either side of the nose. H could carry 3200 lbs of bombs or a 2000 lb aerial torpedo and could carry eight 5 inch rockets under the wings. A total of 1000 H models were produced, serving in the MTO,SWPA and CBI theaters notably serving with the 12th Bomb Group and 1st  ACG.  

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This is an excellent Monogram kit of the “H”, found it on a hobby store shelf among other vintage kits.  It stands up very nicely against the AM kits with nice detail and well written instructions.  Decals were old and discolored, so I picked up SuperScale #48-992 and built “Barbie III” piloted by Capt. R.T. Smith, flying out of Hailakandi, India.  Make sure you have plenty of weight in the nose, as you see had to use the ladder and steps to keep it from tail dragging. 1st ACG B25’s were all OD, I used Tamiya Olive Drab spray AS-6.  The P51 is that of Col. Cochran.

References: Squadron/Signal publications #34 and the SuperScale decal sheet.



Photos and text © by Mark L. Rossmann