1/48 Monogram B-25J-11

by Mark L. Rossmann



The B-25J was the last production model with a total of 4318 built, which 800 dash 11’s with the solid 8 gun nose were part of. This gave the dash 11’s a maximum of 18 .50’s, more of the bombardier nosed “J’s” were converted to the solid nose with field kits provided by North American.

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I built this solid nosed Monogram B-25 about 22 years ago in the wheels up mode. I realized I had placed incorrect decals on the aircraft.  After locating the Albatros “Dragons and tigers and girls..oh my!” 3 years ago, I decided it was time to build some of them.  I stripped off the old nose and tail decals, left on the U.S. insignias and did some paint touch up.

This is aircraft #12 on the sheet, a dash 11 called “Emergency Strip” of the 38th BG/ 71st BS located on Okinawa in August of 1945. I had to cut off the nose gun barrels in order to place the decals on, after all were applied I glued each back on. The instructions did not show how the front aligned up so I had to use the image on the front of the decal booklet as a guide. The big heart tore in the process of removal from the sheet and did not turn out as hoped, but it is what it is.


Information from decal sheet and Squadron Signal Publications #34.


Photos and text © by Mark L. Rossmann