1/144 Scratch built Apollo Saturn V Mobile launch platform

by Michael Jack



I started this model in 2001.  Using evergreen plastic from the pad legs all the way up to the lightning mast atop the hammer head crane.  The model stands 110cm (43.3") tall, & is still under construction, (85% complete) I hope to be finished mid 2009.

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I have used countless lengths of channel beam, I beam, H beam, plastic tubing of every size & allot of plastic card.  Nearly all the range that Evergreen plastic provides.  Each deck has a metal mesh which is see through to other levels to represent the real tower. The 9 swing arms which feed the mighty Saturn V fuel, maintenance access & other propellants are movable & different to one another. It look hundreds of hours looking over thousands of real pictures, drawings, books & references on the Internet to gather all the detail & materials to construct such a task.  

This Saturn V rocket depicts Apollo 12, which was struck twice by lightning after launch, it then followed the exhaust contrail to were it hit the tower also.  The 40th anniversary of this mission is November 14th 2009.  Still under construction are the elevator shaft, stair way, safety fences, hold down arms, swing arm, cable trays, fuel pipes, leg platforms, & countless smaller details.

Michael Jack

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Photos and text by Michael Jack