5/32 Convair B-58 Hustler model kit

Product # 375

Product Article by Emad F.Tabsh



To all ARC members, fans, and to the old modelers who would like to remember and be remembered!!

I bring forward this nostalgic model review. 

This is Aurora's Convair B-58 Hustler bomber.

Kit#   375
Scale is 5/32"  
Box dimensions:  length 462 mm      width 172 mm        height  47 mm
It comes in mid grey plastic with the following dimensions:
Length of model:   357 mm without pitot tube
Wingspan:    220  mm
Construction booklet: 1   
Number of sprues:  3 
3 Clear parts 
2 Decal sheets
Total number of plastic parts:  60

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Main features include: 

-Very clean moldings with some sink marks.
-Low number of pin ejector marks on the insides of the parts.
-Raised panel lines and markings  where appropriate
-Engraved control surface outlines plus the nav and bomber entry hatches.
-A decal sheet with a single USAF option, B-58 #50660
-Another decal sheet with the "Convair" motif.
-A single clear part for the windshield and canopy.The nav and bomber pilots have open    side windows!
-Load consisting of the single under fuselage mounted and huge "weapons pod".
-Finally, model is made in England with a 1958 copyright.
Notice:I bought this model from a toyshop clearing its inventory here in Beirut in 1985 for a mere $2.00 only !!
The shop does not exist any more...
Happy nostalgic modeling!!


Photos and text by Emad F.Tabsh