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1/48 F-16 Falcon Landing Gear

Product # 48114 for Hasegawa kit

Product Article by Steve Bamford on Oct 11 2018



This metal landing gear set from Scale Aircraft Conversions features a set of landing gear for the F-16 Falcon from Hasegawa.  

These landing gear are cast from metal and include the main gear legs as well as the nose landing gear leg.  The level of detail is exceptional and the casting quality is excellent.  

Hasegawa's highly detailed Mitsubishi F-2 landing gear was used in creating the masters for this set to fit F-16's because the F-2 "legs" are virtually identical to the heavy weight gear (HWG) installed in later Block F-16's. As with all the F-16's in the Hasegawa series, the main gear has landing lights attached. These remain for early block Falcons as well as IAF Barak or HAF Block 30 (which have HWG). As indicated in the Hasegawa instructions, the lights should be removed for later blocks which have heavy weight gear. Visually, the lower upper structure details and dragbraces of this set replicate HWG equipted F-16's. In general, LWG & HWG appear quite similar to the untrained eye. If you are building an early block which has not been converted to HWG and you decide to overlook the forementioned differences, be advised that the brakes provided in the SAC set are not correct for LWG F-16's. The F-2 brakes can pass for Block 50 F-16's and up though the Hasegawa kit wheels are undersized. If this is a concern to you, we recommend you visit: to view they're excellent line of resin wheels. Lastly, due to the numerous changes made to F-16's since they first entered service, be sure to consult good references for the specific F-16 you are building. SAC wishes to thank Mike Valdez for his help in identifying the differences noted above. 

These landing gear will give you added strength as well as added detail. 

You can purchase this and other landing gear sets for a variety of aircraft and scales for many, many different models directly from Scale Aircraft Conversions.  

Steve Bamford

Photos and text by Steve Bamford