1/72 F-14A Tomcat exhaust nozzles - closed

Product # 7283 for Hobby boss kit

Product Article by Steve Bamford on June 25 2012



This resin and photo etch detail set from Aires features resin exhaust nozzles - closed style for the F-14A Tomcat from Hobby boss with photo etch detail parts.  

The quality of the resin casting is flawless and bubble free. The set is very straight forward and includes 6 resin pieces and two photo etch piece. The photo etch pieces will be hidden up in the nozzles on the face of the fan blade, which will give a shockingly impressive level of detail. The instructions are easy to follow. The exhaust cans are very well detailed inside and out. 

Both exhaust cans are in the closed position and will be a great improvement over the plastic kit exhausts of the Hobby boss kit. 

You can purchase this and other fine resin detail items directly from Aires or from the many retailers that carry their products.  

Steve Bamford

Photos and text by Steve Bamford