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1/72 F/A-18F Rockin' Rhinos #3/VFA-2 VFA-154 decal sheet

Product #72-046

Product Article by Ken Middleton on Jan 25 2006


Here's a review of a new 1/72 sheet from Twobobs.  

Three complete CAG/CO/Line scheme aircraft from VFA-2 Bounty Hunters and VFA-154 Black Knights.  Enough markings for three complete jets!

  • F/A-18F 165916 VFA-2 CAG 100  March 2005
  • F/A-18F 165925 VFA-2 111  August 2005
  • F/A-18F 1659110 VFA-154 CAG 100  June 2005

Recommended Kits:

  • Hasegawa F/A-18F (Decals are sized for this kit)
  • Italeri F/A-18F
  • Revell F/A-18F
    Note: the instructions incorrectly refer to 48th scale kits


The decals are beautifully printed, and are clear and sharp. The white markings are nice and bright. Some of the markings are 2 piece decals, ensuring proper color and registration.

VFA-2 used to operate the F-14D, and the CAG markings included are similar to their former F-14D CAG.

The VFA-154 decals represent the recently changed CAG jet, which is similar to one of its former F-14As.

The folks at VFA-2 helped out, Mike Schurb from VFA-154, as well as Brian Marbrey and John Bibay.

Thanks to Two Bobs for the review sample. 

This sheet is available through and select US Hobby Shops.  Overseas customers can purchase these from Twobobs site or through Twobobs network of overseas distributors.  Remember, shipping is always FREE to US Customers at Twobobs!! 


Photos and text by Ken Middleton