Black Magic Painting Masks

1/24 P-51D Man O' War Camouflage Painting Masks Scale

Product # CEBM24011 for $12.99

Product Article by Steve Bamford on Jan 13 2006



This new set of painting masks from Black Magic includes painting masks for the Camouflage pattern on the 1/24 P-51D "Man O' War".  This painting mask set is designed to be used with the Cutting Edge decal sheet CED24002 and in particular the P-51D "Man O' War"  Sn 44-14292 flown by Col. C. Kimnard Jr with the 355th FG.  Black Magic also has a variety of painting masks for canopies and wheels and other items.  If you have ever spent the time to do exacting masking, you know the time such a job can consume.  A masking set will permit you to quickly and accurately mask the model or model part in a very quick and accurate way.  Such masking sets will permit you to finish the model quicker and move onto the next model on your workbench. 

These are very thin black vinyl masks for the camo pattern.  The plan here is to paint your first camo colour, then apply the masks to the correct location and paint the rest of the model.  Once finished you remove the masking material and you're done. 

This particular masking set has 1 pages of individual mask which are laid out on the sheet of masks in groupings for each wing surface, so using them will be uncomplicated.

The 2 pages of instructions are general instructions that provide helpful tips on using these paint masks. 

A very nice masking set and sure to save you some time and effort when building this  fighter. 

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I would like to thank Cutting Edge Modelworks for providing me with this review sample.


Photos and text by Steve Bamford