Elite Decals from IsraDecal

1/72 B-24 Liberators 'Zodiacs' Part 1 decal sheet

Product # 72006 (also available in 1/48 # 48006)

Product Article by Steve Bamford on Jan 31 2006




B-24 Liberators834th Bombardment Sqn

This new release from IsraDecal is part of their Elite Decal line and features 2 different B-24's with sexy Zodiac noseart.  

The first aircraft is a B-24H #508 C "Libra" and features a well painted scantily clad blonde holding a bomb in each hand....Libra is the Zodiac sign (Sept 24 -Oct 23) that features "The Weigh Scales".
The second aircraft is a B-24H #490 D "Gemini" and features two well painted scantily clad blonde twins side by side holding a bomb together (one twin is almost totally hidden behind the other).  Gemini is the Zodiac sign (May 22 - June 21) that features "The Twins".

The decals were beautifully printed including all main markings for each aircraft and are contained on 2 decal sheets.  The second decal sheet contains 2 sets of the nose art....incase you make a mess of the first nose art decal.....a second one is provided.  Both decal sheets are in perfect registration and the noseart decals have white decals to go under the noseart to make sure the underlying paint doesn't show through the noseart decals.  

The sheet includes 4 view drawings showing placement of all markings and colour camo scheme layout.  The sheets include national insignia for both aircraft.

Click on image below to see larger image of the instruction sheet

The sample decal sheet used in this review is 1/72 scale, but this sheet is also available in 1/48. I'm thinking this sheet would be a very interesting build for a special lady in your life that was born under either of these Zodiac signs. 

I would like to thank IsraDecal for providing me with this review sample.


Photos and text by Steve Bamford