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 1/72 , 1/48, 1/32 Vf-111 / F-14A Tomcat Miss Molly & Low-Vis decal sheet

Product # ZTZ72024 for $13,  ZTZ48024 for $16,  ZTZ32024 for  $19

Product Article by Steve Bamford




The original release of this sheet sold out very fast and after much anticipation and urging.....Zotz Decals has released this sheet with the much sought after markings for Miss Molly as well as extra markings for a lo-viz F-14.  This 1/72, 1/48 and 1/32 decal sheet features USN VF-111 Sun Downers F-14A in the hugely attractive Miss Molly markings as well as lo-vis markings. 

F-14A-125-GR 161621 (TARPS) In 2 December of 1989 "Miss Molly" previously adorned a C-1A COD assigned to the USS Carl Vinson.  It was named in honor of Miss Molly Snead, the nurse who cared for Senator Vinson's wife.  When the C-1A was retired, Lt. Mike Conn, an artist, kept the tradition alive on this VF-111's CAG bird.  This preview features the 1/48 decal sheet.

Artwork decals also have white decals to go underneath the artwork to ensure the paint colour underneath the decal doesn't show through. 

I'm at a loss for words how much I like the Miss Molly F-14 markings.....it has a Sharks mouth and sexy nose art and the and the setting sun red and white tailmarkings of the Sundowners squadron.  If you missed it the first time or if you like this sheet....but it fast.....I guarantee it will sell out fast.  

The printing quality is first rate and the coloured instructions and straight forward and easy to follow and include photos of the real aircraft.


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Photos and text by Steve Bamford