1/32 Fw 190D-9 detail set

Product # 2031 for Hasegawa kit

Product Article by Eric Larger




When visiting my friends of JaPo 's Team in Prague last Week, I took th opportunity to buy this detail kit for Hasegawa Fw 190D-9. One word , nice quality and details, this rather big box gather all previous resin kits issued by Aires concerning this aircraft . A good value indeed as the box is much cheaper than the overall price of all indivudual detail kits .

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The contents : the resin pieces are gathered into two plastic bags , except the large fuselage insert , packed separately . The assembly instructions are numbered from step 1 to 19 on four A4 format pages . The kit includes 79 resin pieces , circ 50 photoetched pieces , 1 wire anbd an acetate intrument panel.

steps 1 to 10 : cockpit assembly and radiator detailling . Seat Belts and buckles are furnished in photo-etched parts . The part of the kit to removed are clearly defined on the assembly sheet.

steps 11 to 16 : fuselage and armament detailling . The whole wheel-well is furnisehed in resing as well as the canons and machine gun bays . The largest resin piece of the kit is the fuselage interor resin piece. Only the starter crank seems to be lacking , but the radio , the MW 50 (or fuel tank on early Fw 190D-9s ) tank, the compas are present . The radio acces panel is furnished within one of its several versions wood or metal . The lateches are in photo-etched parts.

Steps 17 to 19 : engine detailling. The engine cowling are also presents . Some pieces as the blades of the compressor or the Junker logo are funished on the photo-etched pieces plate.

To sum up a very nice kit , providing a fabulous base for detailling Hasegawa Fw 190D-9. But be aware that the use of this kit must be included in a long term building process as many to the wires , pipes , tubes connections have to be added . Several blank assembly will have to be planned to fit these pieces with the Hasegawa kit parts . Highly recommended for skilled modellers .


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Photos and text by Eric Larger