Homepage Text - July 2003

Thursday,  July 31  2003
Ray Seppala is starting off our day to a "flying" start with his 1/144 Minicraft Boeing 707 Tanker.  Look carefully....there are 2 fighters back there refueling.  The tanker is from 33 Squadron RAAF.  A flawless display. 

James Kelley is here with his 1/72 Dragon Grumman F4F-4 Wildcat.  James decided go go with folded wings on this wildcat.  The detail and quality is quite inspiring. 

Hiran Horta is here with his 1/72 Fujimi A-7D.  Hiran scratchbuilt much of the detail (open panels etc) in this A-7....and remember....it's 1/72.

Sertan Eral is here from Turkey with his 1/72 Revell Focke Wulf Fw 190 A-8.  Under the belly is a BV 246 'Hagelkorn' glide-bomb.  Read Sertan's article to learn more about this very rare weapon

I have  a full review of the new 1/48 F-105D Hill AFB Wrap-Around Thuds decal sheet from Two Bobs Aviation GraphicsHere's your chance to build a colourful Thud.

I have a review of the new Lockheed F-104 Starfighter On Target Profile series of books Model Alliance Group Jon Freeman did some spectacular profile artwork in this book.

Pegasus Models has sent me some info about their new 1/72 SPAD VII C.I model kit .  I've put together a preview of this new kit.

I have a request for folks in the Houston, Texas area.  Larry Chapman has the following request (he tried the ARC Discussion board with no luck)....  "Several years ago my Father-In-Law gave me a 14 3/8 inch cast-metal model of the jet I flew in Vietnam.  He is dead now, so I can not ask him where he bought it. I would like to know who I could contact to get it re-painted the way I remember it.  I was in VMFA 115 in Da Nang in 1970.  Currently it is painted with the scheme of VMFA 232."

I've added a link to the IPMS Guatemala website on the ARC links pages.

Robert Pionteck is here with a selection of PQ PBY Water Bomber walkaround photos.

Wednesday,  July 30  2003  

  Vanuatu Independence Day  

Mario Fernandez starts today with his 1/72 Academy AH-64D Longbow Apache.  This is one of Mario's first kits since reentering the hobby....and it's won a well deserved award as well.

E.J. DeVivo is here with his feature article on his 1/48 Academy SU-27 Flanker B.  E.J. used aftermarket resin and decals to complete his very attractive Flanker.  Decals were from Linden Hill.

Ed Fuquay has built the 1/48 Revell Junkers Ju52 “Tante Ju”.  Ed's Ju-52 is so nice, it's got me interested in building one of these.  Beautiful attention to detail Ed.

Tom Rench has sent in one In-flight photo of his O2-A 68-10862.  It's good to get some photos for this relatively new section.  

I have a review of the Tiger Scheme 1/48 F/A-18D ATARS Peek-A-Boo Leathernecks decal sheet from Two Bobs Aviation Graphics This one is too cool.......I love Tiger Schemes!!! 

Lance over at Vita Needle contacted me to let me know of another source to buy hypodermic Tubing (for model gun barrels etc).  For smaller orders you can buy Vita Needle products at McMaster-CarrThey sell Vita Needle hypodermic tubing by the foot....very reasonable prices.  Go to the website for McMaster-Carr and type hypodermic into their search engine.  That will take you to the page you need to buy this tubing.  I've updated the Tools 'n' Tips Hypodermic Tubing article with this new info.

I've added a link for the Macchi Mc.202 "Folgore" website to the ARC Reference Links page.  This site is in Portuguese, but for you folks that don't speak Portuguese, it does have some great images.

Jan M Visser has sent in some A-10 walkaround photos.  

Steven Lu has sent in some B-17G walkaround photos.  

Tuesday,  July 29  2003

I heard this morning of the sad news that Bob Hope passed away.  He well be dearly missed and remembered always.....Bob Hope was a inspiring individual.

No update today...I'm focusing on catching up on e-mails.

Monday,  July 28  2003  

  Peru Independence Day  

Eric Lowe fires up our week with his 1/32 Revell F-14A Tomcat VF-41 & VF-154.  This isn't the best fitting kit, but it is a very inexpensive kit and Eric proves it does build up into an excellent looking model if you put in some effort. 

Thomas Neuss has dropped by with his big  1/35 Panda Models UH-1N Twin Huey.  Thomas chose to finissh his UH-1N in Search and Rescue colours. 

Darius Aibara is here with his 1/48 Monogram F9F Panther.  Monogram kit eh?.....gotta' love those older Monogram kits.   

Alex Bigey has his 1/144 Welsh Models TUPOLEV Tu-114.  I love the photos and model in Alex's article.  Good looking airliner. 

I have a review of the new 1/72 and 1/48 scale 433 Squadron 50th Special decal sheet from Leading Edge Models Leading Edge ModelsThis particular CF-18 is one of the specially paint CF-18's for this year's airshow circuit. 

I've added a link to Ed Fuquay's Website

Sunday,  July 27  2003  

  Belarus National Day 

Michael Taylor begins today with his 1/48 Hi-Tech AEG This is quite the interesting twin engined Bi-plane.  Looks great Mike!!

Yusof Zakaria is here with his 1/48 Hasegawa F-15DJ.  This Japanese Aggressor is using Twobobs Decals.  Yusof's F-15 has some excellent finishing to the paint job.

Julio Abraham Toro has sent in an article about his 1/72 AVM  IA-58 Pucara .  This type of aircraft was used during the Falklands war in 1982.  Beautiful job Julio

Bill Clark  has dropped by with his 1/48 Aeroclub Gloster Meteor PR10.  Bill did a pile of modifications to this limited run kit to create his PR10.  Well done Bill!! 

Saturday,  July 26  2003  

   Liberia Independence Day  

  Maldives Independence Day 

Kaan Gök and Ufuk Aydýner kick things off today with their pair of 1/72 YF-23 Prototypes.  Each of them built of of the prototypes of this advanced fighter.  Very nice indeed guys!! 

Glenn Cook joins us with his 1/32 Hasegawa Bf 109G-6.  Glenn finished off his 109 in the markings for Hartmann.  These 1/32 109's are quite the sight to behold....big and impressive Glenn.

Jan M Visser is here with his 1/32 Tamiya F-4J converted to a F-4B.  Jan used a variety of aftermarket item son his big Phantom to complete the conversion.  The jet is making an arrestor hook landing at a land base. 

Robert-Jan Willekens has dropped by with his 1/48 Testors Ryan STM-S2.  A striking float plane in it's silver dope and baremetal finish. 

Steven Lu is here with a selection of UH-1N USMC  walkaround photos.  

Friday, July 25  2003

I've been very busy the last few days working long hours on ARC archiving hundreds of articles, so today's update is small...time for me to rest a bit.

Jorge Bonilla Alvarado is here with his 1/48 Arii Ki-44 Tojo.  Jorge has done some very nice paint chipping and weathering to his Ki-44.

Steven Blair has built the big 1/32 Academy F/A-18C.  I remain stunned that anyone can finish this kit so fast and have it look so good.  I opened the box....saw the hundreds of parts and had to sit down for a rest.  Steven has high praise for this kit and his finished model is a thing of beauty. 

Gianni Chirico is here with his 1/72 Airfix Douglas A-26B Invader.  Gianni finished his in bare metal and added some weathering to get the look just right.....remember to check out the nose art on this one. 

Thursday,  July 24  2003   

Emmanuel Rime starts today off with his 1/48 Hasegawa Spitfire MK VII.  Emmanuel's Spitfire is basically built out of the box with a  few aftermarket items to improve on detail.  He also applied some weathering to give his Spitfire a more realistic look. 

Ramsés M. Montes joins us from the Dominican Republic with his 1/48 DML Ho229A-1.  This Flying Wing features an Aires resin engine with beautiful details as well as other aftermarket items and scratchbuilding.  One of the best Ho-229 models I've seen.

Miroslaw Rawinski is here with his first article on ARC today.  This is his 1/72 Airfix Arado Ar-196 A-3 ....beautifully done model and great pictures to go with it.  

Alex Bigey is here with the very interesting 1/72 Douglas D558-1 "SKYSTREAK".  It's good to see models of these important aircraft.

I have a review of the new 1/48 AJ-37 JA-37 Saab Viggen decal sheet from Two Bobs Aviation Graphics .  This decal sheet features 4 different Viggens!!!

I have a preview of two new 1/48 P-38 Decal sheets with nose art from Cutting Edge Modelworks.  You'll find a variety of sexy nose art and paint schemes from Bare metal to full camo.  You can buy these from Meteor Productions.

Jim Barnett joins us with his Tools n Tips article on F-4 Wheel Well Painting.

Wednesday,  July 23  2003

  Egypt National Day   

Juan Ramón García Martín  starts today with his 1/72 Bilek/Italeri Il-28 Beagle.  This plane is finished in Egyptian Air Force markings in honour of their National Day today. 

Ettore Giordano is here with his 1/48 Fujimi Bf-109 G14 .  The markings on this Me-109 include the name of the pilot's girlfriend “Peterle” on the side of the fuselage below the canopy.   

Everett Román Gallegos is here with his 1/48 Monogram A-37B Dragonfly.  Everett's Dragonfly is finished in Chilean Air Force markings. 

I have a review of the 1/72 F-84G Thunderjet  Royal Thai Air Force decals from Siam Scale.  This decal sheet includes nose art including a pouncing Tiger and an attacking Cobra snake as well as a red Lions head.

Tuesday,  July 22  2003  

Ray Seppala is here with a 1/100 Nitto Boeing 707.  This aircraft is from 33SQN RAAF.  Very nice Ray!!!

David Van Wagoner with an in-flight display of his 1/48 Italeri Ta-152.  He has a very effective "spinning prop" on his Ta-152 you might want to have a close look at.

John Kettenis is here with his beautifully weathered 1/48 Hasegawa F/A-18D Hornet.  John's Hornet is wearing the VMFA(AW)-225 Viking Decals from Orion Model Accessories.  

I have a preview of the soon to be released 1/48 F/A-18C VFA-25 Fist of the Fleet /OIF Knuckle Shampoo decal sheet of Operation Iraqi Freedom Two Bobs Aviation GraphicsThis sheet will also be released in 1/32. 

Monday,  July 21  2003

  Belgium Independence Day  

Special thanks to everyone that helped make this Belgium Day update so full.

Bob "Glidingbob" Verhegghen is here with his 1/43 Belgian Air Cadets Schleicher Ka 6E Rhonsegler.  This kit is made of resin and represents a training Glider use by the Belgium Air Cadets.

Patrick Heeren is here with a very colourful 1/72 Heller Mirage V Delta Blue in Belgium markings.  His model is in special Anniversary markings.  Looks very good.  check out his display stand....very effective.

Pierre Chipotovsky is here with his 1/48 Academy Spitfire Mk XIV  in Belgium markings.  Pierre's Spitfire has a resin cockpit among other aftermarket items.

Patrick Heeren  is here with his second model for today.  This is his  1/72 Italeri F-16B.  this plane is also in a  special paint scheme and Belgium markings. 

Jean Claude Janssens has dropped by with his bare metal finish 1/32 Hasegawa F-104G.  Jean Claude's F-104 is quite the treat to look at.....very effective job on the bare metal finish. 

Patrick Heeren is here with his third and final model today.  This is his 1/72 Airfix F-84F Thunderstreak in Belgium markings.  Very nice line up today Patrick.

I have a preview of the soon to be released 1/48 F-14B+ VF-32 "Gypsy" Swordsmen decal sheet for Operation Iraqi Freedom from Two Bobs Aviation GraphicsSpace Shuttle remembrance nose art on this one.

Lyle Pethig has sent in over 30 SH-2G Seasprite walkaround photos. 

Sunday, July 20  2003

  Colombia Independence Day 

Michael Taylor starts your Sunday with his 1/48 Blue Max LVG.  I found this to be quite the attractive plane....it's treat to have bi-planes on ARC to keep up the variety. 

Bill Clark is here with his 1/32 Revell of Germany Hunter.  Bill converted his big Hunter into a GA11.  Very nice Bill. 

Darius Aibara is here with his very striking 1/48 LDM Models Walter Extra 230.  Always good to see these stunning racing aircraft.

Alan Kelley is here with his 1/48 Esci S-3A Viking COD.  Alan use d a very effective technique on his panel lines.  Looking good Alan. 

Brian Marbrey has some F-14B walkaround photos. 

Cal Cochran is here with 3 F-14 Bombcat stores walkaround photos.

Saturday, July 19  2003   

A reminder....Model Mania 2003 is being held tomorrow in Oxfordshire in the UK.  Funds raised at this show will be for the School's Parent Teacher Association (PTA).  Also....ARC's own Phil Golding will be attending, so you know it's going to be enjoyable.

Dmitriy A. Shapiro begins today's update with his 1/144 Revell KLM Boeing 737-800 "Zwaan".  Another fine example of the airliner modelling.

Graham Tarran is here with his 1/48 Hasegawa Hawker Hurricane IIc Night Intruder or “Night Reaper”.  Graham added aftermarket decals and some resin detail items to complete his Hurricane. 

Steve 'Cloggy' Cladingboel  is here with his 1/72 Italeri F5E Tiger II painted in special Royal Thai Air Force 50,000 hours Anniversary markings.  the decals for this model were from a decal sheet by by Siam Scale.

Wira Handaya is here with his first article on ARC.  This is Wira's 1/72 Academy Ju-87 Stuka "Tank Buster"  and includes weathering as well as those big underwing cannons. 

Hiroshi Matsuno has sent in some pics of a 1/1 Type 98 optic gun/bombsight produced by Matsu Model Design.

Brad Hagen has sent in an 'out of box' review of the 1/32 Pitts S2B model kit from Airshow ModelsBarney Dunlevy was kind enough to provide the photos for this review.

Alan Williamson has sent in some P-40  walkaround photos. 

Friday, July 18  2003 

David Thompson begins your Friday with his 1/48 Hasegawa SBD-4 Douglas Dauntless.  this particular Dauntless is wearing New Zealand markings....the weathering job is spectacular.   

Colin Whitehouse has a very enjoyable article on 1/48  Gloster Jets.  It's good to see a selection of these very well known and attractive jets. 

Edmond Dalida joins us from the Philippines with his 1/72 Italeri Me-109G in a 'belly landed' pose.  Edmond did some modifying to get the desired effect.  Very inspiring.

Dan Parsons is here with everybody's favourite Tomcat Squadron....the 1/72 Hasegawa F-14B Tomcat done up in VF-103 Jolly Rogers markings.  This one is a beauty...enjoy. 

I have a review of the 1/48 scale Vietnam Era A-4 Skyhawk decals from Victory ProductionsThis set permits you to build a selection of 10 different A-4's.....some have very historical stories.

A reminder....the Mid Atlantic Swap Meet & Show is on tomorrow at the Marlboro Volunteer Fire Department, 7710 Croom Road, Upper Marlboro, MD 

I've added the Harrier SIG  website to the ARC links pages.  This site is devoted to the Harrier. 

Corbin Sarchet from the Orange County Regional History Center has a request/question.  "In 1911, Lincoln Beachey made the first powered aeroplane flight from Orlando, FL.
In connection with an exhibit, we would like to have a model of the plane he flew.  Do you know of any source for a model, kit, or plans for this Curtiss pusher variation?"  You can e-mail him any help or answer at this e-mail address.  

Robert N. Abbott Jr. has sent in some Ohka Bomb Yokosuka MXY7 (Kamikaze) walkaround photos.

Robert Pionteck has sent in some Bae Hawk walkaround photos.

Thursday, July 17  2003

  Iraq National Day  

Thomas Neuß has done the impossible and already finished the new 1/32 Academy F-18C .....and he's done an excellent job on it as well.  Beautiful!!! 

Fernando Azurdia is here with his 1/72 Eduard Stripdown Sopwith Camel.  Fernando is a very patient modeller to be able to finish this kit.....amazing!!! 

Said has finished a 1/48 Academy MiG-21Bis Gee Bee Racer  for the ARC inaccurate paint scheme Group Build.  He's provided a story to back up this paint scheme.

Wannapong Ngamkasem has dropped by to show you his 1/100 Revell Mil Mi-24D.  This is one tiny Hind.....a very good job on the airbrushing on a model this small.

Terry Poppy  has sent in a Tools 'n' tips article about Wheel Alignment for multi wheeled landing gear.  Thanks Terry!!

Wednesday,  July 16  2003

Paul Stoner has finished building the big 1/32 Tamiya F-4J.  Paul detailed and weather his Phantom to give it that perfect realistic look. 

Jose Luis Martinez is here with his motorized and lighted 1/72 Italeri Helicopter AB 204 B.  Quite tricky motorizing a 1/72 kit.  Well done Jose.  

Stewart Griffiths is here with his 1/48 Sanger Vacform BAC TSR.2.  This build was quite the test of his patience.....he explains further in his article. 

James Eden has finished his 1/32 Revell Fieseler Fi 156 Storch.  He used a North African campaign camo scheme.  James built this one basically out of the box....with a tiny bit of extra detailing.  The end results looks quite good.

I have a review it the 1/72 BAe Harrier GR-7 decal sheet No. MA-72102 (also available in 1/48) from Model Alliance.  You can build a variety of 13 different RAF Harriers with this sheet.

Lutz Gretschel of F-15E Strike Eagle.com has sent in photos of the 1/48 Resin and PE cockpit set for Revell F-15E from Aires.

Steven Lu is here with a selection of Royal Navy Harrier walkaround photos.

Tuesday,  July 15  2003  

Ray Seppala start today's update with his 1/144 Minicraft B737-400 US Airways.  Ray has become somewhat hooked  on airliners, since Minicraft's airliners kits were released.  Always great to see an airliner on ARC. 

Alan Williamson is here with his 1/48 Hasegawa SBD-3 Dauntless.  Alan's Dauntless is nicely weathered and includes chipped paint.

Marcelo R. da Silva is here with his scratchbuilt 1/32 AT-26 Xavante.  No matter how you slice it....this is a darn difficult thing to do.  Marcelo's finished models looks fantastic. 

Claud Pipkin is here with a tool suggestion.  This is a Fly Fishing Vises.  Check it out and decide for yourself.....this tool definitely has merit for some jobs. 

Warbirds in Scale has moved....their new URL is http://www.warbirdsinscale.com

Monday, July 14  2003

  France Bastille Day 

Greetings to everyone in France on this special Day.....have a good time at the party.

Mario Serelle begins the Special Bastille Day update with his 1/72 Hasegawa (AP47) Dewoitine D.520.   Mario's D.520 is finished off in “French Air Force” markings.  He added scratchbuilt detail to the cockpit. 

Francois Poulic is French and joins us with his 1/72 Fujimi MIG21PF Batman.  His miG-21 has a bare Metal Finish and some quite interesting nose art.  He added some cockpit detailing and posed his MiG with the canopy open....which is quite striking to look at. 

Erik Wauters is here with his 1/72 Heller Nieuport-Delage NiD-622. This little Bi-Plane fighter has some very nice lines to it and  colourful paint scheme to match. 

Felice De Leo has finished his 1/72 Academy French Hellcat F6F-5, Indochine 1953.  This is one of the planes used by the French Forces in the Far east after WW2.  Felice gave his Hellcat a very realistic weathering job.

Ivan Pliopas is here with his 1/48 Koster Martin Maryland.  Ivan did some scratchbuilding of details and also used aftermarket items to detail his twin engined Martin Maryland.  

Robert-Jan Willekens is here with his 1/48 Hobbycraft Curtiss Hawk 75A-3.  This aircraft has very colourful markings.....a job well done. 

I have a preview of the new 1/32 F-15E Decals with nose art  from Cutting Edge Modelworks.  Three different planes....all with sexy noseart.

Philippe Agulhon is here with 33 Etendard IV M walkaround photos. 

Sunday, July 13  2003

Darius Aibara get today rolling with his 1/48 Hobbycraft P-40 RAF Curtiss P40 Tomahawk Mk II.  Darius added some Eduard Photo Etch to improve on the kit detail. 

Patrick Heeren has a very colourful 1/72 Hasegawa Saab J 35Ö Draken.  This was a special "Austrian Millennium" paint scheme.  This is definitely a very attractive looking model.

Phil Golding has finished the 1/48 Dragon Mistel S2 ...which is a combination of a Ju88G-1 & Fw190F-8.  To actually complete this project is quite the feat in itself.  Phil's Mistel came out looking excellent.

Shaun Lazzari is here with his 1/72 Hasegawa F-15 DJ.  It's always a treat to see planes in markings of different countries....thanks Shaun. 

Matthias Rabiller has a inbox review of the 1/72 KP Jak-23.  This is an Eastern European manufacturer and this little jet is quite an interesting subject. 

Saturday,  July 12  2003

  Sao Tome and Principe Independence Day  

Michael Taylor gets our weekend off on the right foot with his 1/48 Airfix Lightning F.6.  I very nice lightning indeed......I love the look of the over-wing fuel tanks. 

Franck Oudin joins us with his 1/48 Tamiya De Havilland Mosquito.  Franck did a beautiful build on this it and had nothing but praise for the fit and quality of this Tamiya kit.  Beautifully done as always Franck.

John Green joins us with his 1/72 Esci F-4C Phantom.  I love the colourful markings on this one.  Thanks for showing it John. 

David Matusek is here with his 1/48 Hasegawa Bf-109F4 Trop.  David doesn't say much about his techniques....but I see some amazing panel line shading.....pre-shading perhaps. 

Graham Mansell has gone the extra mile and made up a Tool 'n' Tips article helping folks Building the 1/72 CF-18.  Well done Graham.

Lutz  Gretschel of F-15E Strike Eagle.com has sent in some scans of the 1/48 Resin and PE detail set for Revell F-15E from Verlinden Productions.  This set looks like it would add piles of detail to the Revell F-15E.

Andrew Ludwig is here with six F-14A walkaround photos.  

I have 55 of my own walkaround photos of the CF-18A and CF-18B.  These photos show many areas of heavy weathering as well as other detail areas of the CF-18.

Friday,  July 11  2003

  Mongolia National Celebration Day 

Sebastijan Videc begins today's update with his 1/72 Revell FockeWulf Fw-190F-8.  This little gem has a resin engine and other aftermarket goodies to add to the detail.  The engine along is a kit in itself.  Beautiful work Sebastijan.  

Alistair Wye joins us with his 1/72 Airfix F-86-F Sabre.  Alistar finished his Sabre off with a bare metal finish and some very colourful markings.  Looking good Alistar. 

Pete Hudson has gone to town and built the 1/32 Tamiya Zero A6M5.  Pete credits some of the Tools 'n' Tips articles here on ARC with helping him with weathering and paint chipping.  His Zero is simply stunning. 

Jon Ochoa is here with his 1/48 Monogram F-5E Tiger II.  Jon finished his F-5 in Mexican markings.  A fine job on a decent ol' kit.

I have a preview of some resin 1/24 Spitfire V detail goodies  from Cutting Edge Modelworks that will interest folks planning on building the Trumpeter Spit. Mk.V.  They include  a 
Rotol prop, seat and armour, corrected cowling and soft seatbelts.

I have a review of the new 1/32 Canadian Armed Forces CF-18 Standard Markings Decal Sheet from Leading Edge ModelsThis will permit you to build any 1/32 CF-18 you want including planes with mission markings. 

I spent the afternoon sorting through my photos and reference books to put together an article all about Building the CF-188's.  This details the main "Unique external features" you need to alter to make a correct CF-18.  Folks converting the 1/32 Academy F-18C into a CF-18A should find this article helpful.

Matt Swan is here with a review of the  1/48 B-58 back seat Resin detail set from Engine and Things. 

Steven Lu  is here with 14 walkaround photos of the Corsair F4U-5N 

Alan Williamson is here with 15 walkaround photos of the  R.A.A.F CAC Sabre

Thursday, July 10  2003       

Allied Landings at Sicily in 1943 

Gareth Phua begins today with his 1/72 Hasegawa F-104S.  Gareth did some very nice detailing to his Starfighter and finished it off in Italian AF markings. 

Rodney Williams dropped by the ARC Corporate Offices with his 1/72 Italeri DC-3 airliner.  Rodney finished off his DC-3 in "Polynesian Airlines" markings.  Rodney has included some great pics of his model as well as himself and some of the beautiful sights of this south seas paradise. 

João Corredeira is here with his 1/72 Heller Vought A-7P Corsair II  finished off in Santa Cruz decals

Ken Middleton has kindly sent in 7 Litening II Targeting Pod walkaround photos.

Mario Serelle and Emidio Neto have sent in some Hawker Siddeley (Avro) HS.748 Srs 2A walkaround photos.

Wednesday, July 9  2003

  Argentina Independence Day 

Kai Reckstadt has built the 1/72 Revell Fiat G-91 R/3.  He finished it in Luftwaffe markings  and did some nice detailing to it....check out the moustache on the 1/72 pilot.  Now that's a steady painting hand.

Thang Le is here with his 1/48 Otaki Ki-61 Tony.  Thang paid $2 for this kit....yet again Thang has taken a so-so kit and done wonders with it.  Don't try and tell Thang this is an expensive hobby.  

Joe Volz has finished the 1/48 Italeri F/A-18E Super Hornet.  Joe has nicely finished his Super Bug. ....it came out looking quite good.

I have an inbox review of the 1/72 JU-88S-3/T-3 Bomber/Recon model kit from AMtech.  A very nice kit with recessed panel lines and very decent detail..

I have a review of the new  1/48 scale Lift Here Decals Yugoslavian MiG's decal sheet (also available in 1/72) sent in by  Linden Hill Imports This decal sheet has markings for 20 different planes.....including MiG-21's, MiG-23's, and MiG-29's.

Justin Davenport is here with a selection of Lockheed  P-80 Cockpit Trainer walkaround pics.

Sean Brzozowski is here with a selection of MiG-15 walkaround pics.

Tuesday, July 8  2003   

First up today....I have a note for everyone in Singapore....there is a new hobby shop in Singapore called Hobby Icon.  They specialize in aircraft models.  Drop by and check out their shop.  You will find it at  Orchard Plaza #03-72, Singapore.

Jeremy Neo (the owner of Hobby Icon hobby shop in Singapore is here with his first article today.  This is Jeremy's 1/48 Tamiya Gloster Meteor Mk.I.  Jeremy built his Meteor with some extra scratch built detailing in certain areas.  If you live in Singapore....drop by his new shop (see above) and say hello.

Tolga Ulgur is here with a bautifulyy finished 1/48 Airfix Supermarine Spitfire Mk. 24.  Tolga started with an excellent kit and then took it the extra mile with some great detailing and weathering.  

Ray Seppala is here with his 1/144 Airfix Airbus A300B4-TAA .  Ray's airbus wears the livery of Trans Australia Airlines.  A very good looking airliner finished in decals from Hawkeye Models Australia.

Koray Bayramoğlu is here with his  1/72 Academy P-47 D.  Koray used some very full and colourful markings to finish off his baremetal P-47.  

Justin Davenport is here with a selection of F-86E Sabre  walkaround pics.

Sean Brzozowski is here with a selection of F-86H walkaround pics.

Monday, July 7  2003

  Solomon Islands National Day  

Sunday,  July 6  2003

Comoros Independence Day

    Malawi Republic Day  

Vinny Ibarra kicks off today's update with his highly detailed 1/32 Revell Tornado IDS converted to GR.1.  He has also weathered his Tornado. 

Darius Aibara is here with his  1/48 Classic Airframes Bristol Blenheim IV.  Yet another example of Darius's skill at finishing a limited run kit.

Said is here with a couple of his 1/48 Academy MiG 29A NATO Fulcrums.  Said has also included some pictures of his MiG-29 collection. 

Matt Swan is here with an inbox review of the 1/72 Sword Sikorsky S-43/JRS-1 flying boat. 

Chris Hughes is here with an inbox review of the 1/72 Czech Masters Resins (CMR) Westland Welkin.

Saturday, July 5  2003   

  Cape Verde National Day 

        Venezuela Independence Day  

Aleck Smith is a new contributor to ARC.  today he joins us with his 1/72 Hasegawa Grumman Hellcat MK1.  Looks good Aleck....welcome to ARC!!! 

Mutlu Arslan joins us from Turkey with his 1/48 Italeri F/A-18E.  Mutlu added some Photo Etch to improve the details on his Super Hornet.  The "Remove Before Flight" tags area nice touch Mutlu. 

Alan Williamson has his 1/48 Eduard ProfiPack P-40 for you all to enjoy today.  This kit required some persistence to get finished.....but Alan did finish it in the end.....and gave it weathering as well.

I have a Preview of the upcoming F-8 Crusader Decal sheet from Albatros Modelworks

Friday, July 4  2003

  US Independence Day  

I'd like to begin today's HUGE and Special July 4th update by wishing All Americans a very safe and fun filled Fourth.  And a Special wish of a safe Fourth to everyone in the US Military.  You folks keep things safe, so your friends and family at home can celebrate Liberty today.....keep up the good work!!

Luckymodel.com is celebrating July 4th by offering a 10% discount with any purchase over US$20.  Just enter JUL4 to the promotion code during check out to receive the saving. Promotion till July 8, 2003.  They now offer surface shipping of orders to reduce shipping costs.

Nick Monopoli is here to lead today's special update with his 1/48 Hasegawa A-4 Skyhawks.  What would this update be without an article on a Blue Angels aircraft.  The Blue Angels ROCK!!

Greg Wise is here with a bit of historical perspective.  This is his 1/48 Hobbycraft Bell YP-59A....one of the first jet fighters designed.  It was the beginning of America's switch to jet fighters. 

Jim Ward is here with a very nice looking 1/48 Fujimi F-14A (VF-33 Starfighters).  Jim credits all you good folks on ARC for helping him improve his skills at model building.  Love the back-drop Jim....looks especially good today.  

Murph is here with a bit of a look at history.  This is his 1/72 Hasegawa P-51B by Don Gentile....one of the many famous American pilots that fought during WW2.  Great article and model Murph!!!

Jim Ward is back again with his 1/48 AMT/ERTL S-3A Viking Sub Hunter/Killer.  It's good to see this plane on ARC.....sometimes the planes that aren't fighters tend to get forgotten. 

Drew Thompson is here with his 1/48 Hasegawa F-16CJ Block 50.  Drew added extra detail to his F-16 and used Two Bobs decals for the markings. 

Albert Moser is here with a selection of his beautiful photos of his in-flight 1/48 Hasegawa F-14A.  Albert recently had his photos featured in Fine Scale Modeler.....Albert has amazing skill at doing these in-flight photos.  

Uncle Rick Chin is here with his 1/48 Monogram A-10.  His model is A-10 #691, which was the A-10 shot down over Baghdad the day that that Kim Campbell had her A-10 badly shot up.  Decals for #691 are available on a  decal sheet from Uncle Rick Chin....check his article for more details.

A July 4th update would be incomplete without mentioning this very colorful decal sheet of the 1/48 F-117 US Flag Presentation Scheme from Cutting Edge Modelworks.  My hat is off to them for producing such a cool sheet.....it's been out for a while....so buy it while you can.

A reminder of another cool product.  This one is the limited Edition print of the F/A-18C VFA-146 Blue Diamonds' "All American Bug" from Two Bobs Aviation Graphics.   I've got this print framed and hanging above my computer as I type this....it looks GREAT!!....beautiful quality.  

Stephen Sutton  is here with some outstanding detail photos of the A-10 TF-34 Turbo Fan Engine.  Now you have no excuse for not having enough pics to detail your 1/32 A-10 engines.  Of course....detailing the engine to match these pics would be a pile of work.

Thursday,  July 3 2003

Joe Youngerman starts today's update with his 1/72 Italeri Macchi C205 Veltro.  A fine example of this very good WW2 Italian fighter. 

Charlie "Cheetah" Arsenault is here with his 1/72 Revell Germany CF-101B Voodoo.. Charlie finished it in RCAF 416 Lynx Squadron c.1962  markings.  This is another of those 1/72 RoG gems. 

Jason VanLint has finished his 1/48 Tamiya Corsair F4U-1D.  He went he folded wings route and add weathering and paint chipping to his bent wing bird. 

Alessandro Patroncino is here with 2 photos of winning models from the recent Euroma 2003.  Looks like it was a fun event.

Benny Attar is here from his hot home to show you pics of his air conditioned Workroom

Caz Dalton has been kind enough to write up a detailed article on How To Create Simple In-flight Digital Photographs.  Caz knows the tricks....so read his article carefully to pick up some good pointers. 

Wednesday, July 2  2003  

Portuguese update to honour June 10 National Day

These articles should have been featured on ARC on June 10...the Portuguese National Day.  Unfortunately I was too busy on the CD Year books for my kids schools that I was behind in e-mails and didn't know I had these great articles featuring Portuguese aircraft.  My apologies to everyone in Portugal.

Pedro Adão begins our special Portuguese update with his 1/48 Italeri F-16A.  Pedro's F-16 is in Portuguese Air Force markings of course.  Good looking F-16 Pedro.

Octávio Mântua has sent in 2 photos of his 1/72 Revell Hawker Hurricane MKIIC.  Octávio added weathering to his model....for such thing as gun powder stains.  Very effective job Octávio. Octávio used decals from Carpena Decals.

João Corredeira is here with his 1/72 F-16B Fighting Falcon.  This is the 2 seater version of Portugals front line fighter.  João used decals from Santa Cruz Decals to finish his F-16. 

José Brito from Santa Cruz Decals has sent in his 1/48 Ocidental Replicas T-6.   José has been working on this little gem for a while now....it's good to see it finished.  He did some very nice weathering to finish off his T-6....and of course he used Santa Cruz Decals.

João Corredeira is here with his 1/72 Hasegawa F-16A Fighting Falcon.  This is the single seat version of this famous fighter.  João used decals from Santa Cruz Decals to finish his F-16.  

Octávio Mântua has his 1/72 Matchbox Hawker Fury for you all to enjoy today.  This little Bi-Plane has all it rigging as well as some cockpit details added.  A very effective build of this fighter used by the Portuguese Air Force. 

José Brito of Santa Cruz Decals has sent in some walkaround photos of a Portuguese T-6 (Harvard Texan). 

Tuesday,  July 1 2003

Canada  Day

  Hong Kong Day 

Burundi Independence Day

Rwanda Independence Day

    Happy Canada Day to all the ARC Canucks 

Derek Heyes begins the Special Canda Day update with his selection of  1/72 Hasegawa CF-18's.  Derek has a single and two seater featured here.  Looking good Derek

Johan Guenver is here with his black and white check 1/48 Hasegawa CF-104.  This is just one of the uniquely paint CF104's that Canada had.  Decals of this can be found at Leading Edge ModelsVery nice indeed Johan....I love the extra detail you added.

Derek Heyes is here again today with his 1/72 Hasegawa CF-18.  Well done Derek.  I recall once hearing this paint scheme was referred to as the McDonalds CF-18 due to it's colour scheme. 

Darius Aibara is here with a key part of Canadian past and preset and future.  This is Darius's 1/48 Hobbycraft DHC-2 Beaver in the kit markings for Harbour Air out of Victoria, BC.  I have some walkaround photos of a Harbour Air Beaver on ARC.

Derek Heyes is here with his 1/72 Airfix F-101 and his 1/72 Hasegawa F-104.  There are other planes in this article as well.  Thanks again Derek. 

Mike J. Idacavage has sent in a critical part of Canadian History......the 1/47 Revell Canadian Bomarc Missile.  This was done in one of those weird box scales.  Mike did a splendid job on this very odd weapon. 

Don Weixl has been kind enough to send in some of his Canadian Snowbirds inflight photos.  These are beautiful Don.....I think a few people will be using them as wallpaper on their computer screens. 

Jari has sent in on picture of the Avro Arrow  CF-105 mock-up that was used in the CBC movie.  Of course all the original aircraft no longer exist.

Various pics from the Gulf  These photos were taken by various crew members of HMCS PROTECTEUR.  There's also a very nice pic of the Abe Lincoln

Jan M Visser sent in some CF-18 walkaround photos

Phillip Steele sent in some Lancaster walkaround photos.