1/48 Hasegawa F-104CStarfighter (Part 2)

Gallery Article by Uncle Rick Chin


Special thanks to Kyle Williams for digitally adjusting the colour balance on these photos.

I have the Verlinden, Koku-Fans, Canadian CF-104, Chinese, about a dozen books in all plus my photos from Cold Lake, so I'm all set with my reference material. The first part is white and a/c greys for the wing, ( the wings are not glued on at this point, leave it). The nose is also a/c grey, then black for the anti glare panel - mask them.

I used Model Master Chrome silver for the bright afterburner part just under the tail and both sides, the underside on the last panel, fuel tanks and the speed brakes. I've found that it's OK to mask the chrome silver after a day--with not so sticky Scotch Tape. Spray dark iron/burn metal metalizer around the tail. Let dry, mask with 'transparent Scotch tapes rubbed onto the palm a few times to remove some of the tack from the tape. Spray a lighter shade, also to the gear doors, panels like L-1, K-4 and K-5 which I will snap on after. Let it dry. Repeat the same masking panels, spray the rest with metalizer non buffing aluminum, then buffing. Let it dry, then buff. Spray with Metalizer sealer.


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I started this kit about three weeks ago and have been building it off and on since then.  First there is the cockpit, which is good, except that the left side of the dash is a little  'light' on the detail.  It might be a bad mold. I found out that other people aren't having this problem, so perhaps it is my bad luck to get one that is slightly inferior - no big deal. There is room for aftermarket cockpit bits for sure with this kit, unlike the Rev/Mon F-15E.

Enjoy the photos.

Uncle Rick Chin


Photos and text by Uncle Rick Chin of Uncle Bills Hobby