1/48 Monogram P-47D-25 Part 1

by Alexey Matvienko



This is my second article for ARC....this time I will tell you about the extra detail I added during the building of my 1/48 Monogram P-47D-25.  I've liked the P-47 for a long time.  When I decided to build this plane in 1/48 scale, I chose the old Monogram P-47D-25 (Hi-Tech series), because I think the Monogram P-47 does a much better job at replicating the brutal, rough nature of the real plane, than the slim, smooth Hasegawa Jug. 

Here's what you find when you crack open the box to examine the contents.
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The first job to tackle was the re-scribing of all the raised panel lines and all the rivets.  The rivets were made with a simple tool. I used clock gear in handle. 


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I did not use any aftermarket accessories, but I did take some parts from Academy's P-47N. Academy provides an earlier type of the P&W engine, than is found on N-model. This engine is appropriate for the D-model of the P-47.


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Engine cowl and Engine parts are from the Academy's P-47N kit.


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Notice dent in fuel tank.


1/48 Monogram P-47D-25 Part 2

by Alexey Matvienko

Photos and text by Alexey Matvienko