1/48 Hasegawa F-104G Part 3

by Patrick Spitaels




Well, the DACO sheet is impressive, lots of data....hours of decaling!

One major problem, I think that my sheet was pretty old.....looked like old MONOGRAM decals, " milky ".

The second problem I had was this sheet was made for the MONOGRAM model, which I think was not at the same scale than the Hase one! So, several decals didn't fit the panels, they were larger than the panels they were to go on.

The third problem was that all the red decals were outlined, so I could see the white on the border, so I've had to repaint all the borders when dry.

Other details:

The winch on the top of the seat rails was scratched, it was used to lower / raise the seat.

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The diorama:


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The base:

Made from cardboard, paint with different shades of grey.


The figures come from HASEGAWA boxes, I changed their poses by moving their arms. I also changed their clothes, as Belgian ground personnel wear grey suits.

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The oxygen cart:

From a VERLINDEN box, but I scratched the chassis of the cart, with plasticard channels.  It is painted in HUMBROL white.


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The ladder:

Photoetched part from VERLINDEN, first you apply a coat of aluminium, then a coat of dark green.  When all is dry, you just have to scratch the paint with a needle or a knife blade to have a " used " look.

Well, I certainly forget some details, but it's pretty difficult to remember them all when the job is done.

I hope you appreciate the final result, I know that there are some problems, but I hope that they are not too visible.

The last word could be, if you found this kit on your Hobby shop shelves, try it...you'll like it!


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1/48 Hasegawa F-104G in Belgium markings 1/48 Hasegawa F-104G in Belgium markings 

Photos and text by Patrick Spitaels