1/48 Gavia Lysander

by Barney Dunlevy



Here's my Lysander Target Tug.  The model is the Gavia 1/48 with only the Canadian heat exchanger exhaust scratch built from plastic and brass tube. 

The exhaust pipe and collector ring were first brushed with Humbrol Brass enamel then brushed with Model Master Burnt Metal.  This was then polished with a tissue to bring some of the brass colour through.  The real thing was stainless steel with took on a subtle brassy colour after running for a while.  The model was painted with Humbrol Acrylics..never again..only because there was no equivalent in Polly Scale.  
The black stripes were applied with black decal film after using masking tape as a template.  This was a very easy application, and gave a better finish then trying to mask and paint the stripes.  The black stripes are the only extra decals..so far.  I'm trying to find the correct style and colour for the serial numbers.  
The only other added feature was the elevator control and trim rods and bellcranks on the right side of the fuselage birdcage.
Click on image below to see larger image

The wing strut attachment holes on the wing underside were moved 2mm inboard in an attempt to get the correct dihedral.  The only other option here would have been to lengthen the struts but this is a rough guessing game as to how much you would need.


Photos and text by Barney Dunlevy