1/48 Hasegawa F-18

using TwoBobs Decals

by Patrick Spitaels



Here is my F-18 from VFC13.  I first started with the 1/48 Hasegawa F-18 kit.  Then I added the Black Box resin cockpit set 

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For the markings I used decals from TwoBobs.  I ended up getting the decals from different sheets.  I started with the "Desert Bogey" sheet, but added the markings for VFC13.


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Everybody knows the fit problems with the Hasegawa kit and I've nothing else to say about that.  The Black Box cockpit is a must, the seat is perfect and really gives a great appearance to the model !

The idea: 

Well, I'm a Navy fan, but I must confess to being a bit bored with all the grey planes.  When Twobobs released their first sheet about the F18, I jumped on it!  After a few months, I decided to start the project, but at the same time I saw in a magazine a picture of a VFC13 Hornet, with a false canopy underside, painted in black......this is what I decided to build.


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The Camo : 

As always I used Tesors paints, 2110 (Italian sand) and 2111 (Italian Dark brown).  The grey areas were painted after all.  I made the masking for the false canopy and the other area paint in black.

A black line marks the separation between grey / brown colour.

I've added a grey ventral tank......touch of colour you say?


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For my next projects...I'm still looking for a special A4; maybe a two seater..... an F21 and the latest F14 just coming off the Twobobs workbench!!!


Well, I've got to thank Twobobs for giving us the opportunity to have colorful planes like this one....and I have to say that it attracted all the attention at a model show.

Have a great modelling time all !

IPMS Belgium
Ans Modelisme

Photos and text by Patrick Spitaels