1/72 Italeri LC-130R Ski Hercules 

by Thomas Neuss



LC-130R Ski Hercules, 1/72 Italeri Hercules kit (Fat Albert KC-130), Flight Path LC-130F Hercules Ski and Fitting Set, Superscale 72-195 LC-130R Hercules VXE-6 NAS Point Mugu 


The ski-equipped Hercules are something really special in the large family of Hercs. To support the arctic and antarctic research laboratories and military outposts some Hercs where modified in this special way. They where flown by the US Air Force and US Navy and are the only Hercs that make Jato-starts regular . I decided to build a Navy Aircraft, because I really like the paint scheme of the Navy “Ice-Hercs”.

The Kit

The basic kit is the standard Italerie Hercules kit. There is not much to say about it, it fits together without major problems and builds a nice Hercules. There are several variants available (and I plan to build them all J), but for this project the “Fat Albert” is perfect. You can take others, of course, but don’t take a “J” with six-blade prop or a Gunship with all this bulbs and holes in the fuselage.

The next thing is the conversion kit. It is the Flight Path LC-130F Hercules Ski and Fitting Set. In the kit are the most parts included to make a ski Hercules, the only thing missing are Jato-bottles and the fittings for them. But that’s not a real problem and everything else you need is included: Three skies (resin), two main landing gear covers (resin), the front fairing (white metal) and a photo etch sheet with the upper surfaces of the skies and some antennas.

And Flight Path has a great service. In my kit the front fairing was missing. I bought the conversion kit in the USA, I am living in Germany and Flight Path is in Great Britain. This sounds like a problem, but – no – after I send an email to Flight Path and told them about the missing part they send it to me the next day – and free. This is service!

At last we need the decals for this aircraft, and this is the most difficult task: find the superscale decal sheet72-195. Unfortunately the most superscale decal sheets are not available, so it can take a while to find it.

But if everything is together we have what we need for a great model.

Building, Painting and Decaling

Building the Italerie Hercules is without any problems and there are no traps you have to watch for. The kit is made “out of the box”, but without the gear doors. Next the Flight path parts are attached, they are fitting perfect to the kit, without any bigger gaps. Only at the front fairing some putty was necessary. I added the wire antenna, made from thin fishing line and the Jato-fittings, made from thin metal (unfortunately they are not visible on the pictures, the camera is without macro).

The next thing is the painting. I used Gunze colours with my airbrush and it was really fun to spray the bright red arctic scheme. I started with the light grey over the whole aircraft, second a yellow layer “under” the red surfaces to make the red shiny, third the red over the yellow, than the dark grey and last the black. And I really like this paint scheme, but I think, I mentioned this before.

On a layer clear paint I applied the decals and fixed them with another clear layer and – finished. A great aircraft for the showcase. 

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This aircraft is something really special. An unusual paint scheme and the skies. No doubt, it is really an eyecatcher in the showcase. And it was fun to build it, no problem with the basic kit, perfect fitting with the conversion kit and of course no problem with the decals (if you can get them).


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Photos and text © by Thomas Neuss