1/48 Hasegawa F-104G

by Maurizio Bressan



Herewith enclosed you can find some pic of my latest creation: a 1:48 scale F-104G from Hasegawa - Italian Squadron.  

The kit Hasegawa is a very nice kit, fine details and some options are a good reason or buying this kit. I started with the cockpit. I completely revised the ejection seat adding seat belts, Milliput for cushion and handles.  The belts are coming from lead foil.  The cockpit hull is been upgraded adding a new joystick, adding inner side improvements, wires, pedals, and canopy interiors (Evergreen rods). The part on the instrument panel has been upgraded adding a the green canvas (using a cigarettes paper into a water+vinilic glue) and then painted.  

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Nose wheel well and cockpit pieces with details added Cockpit installed to test fit various scratch built items.

The gear bays are been upgraded using different diameter copper rods and plasticard pieces.  I used Humbrol enamels and a particular silver-alluminium paint fond in a do-it-by-yourself shop. Just amazing paint!  After a clear gloss coat I used the black "tempera" color in order to accent all the fuselage details.

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After the tempera was dry I used the Tauro model decals. After another clear gloss coat I passed a clear matt coat. Finally I used the pastel for weathering the model. I suppose the wheels are very nice using this simple but very good techinique: paint the wheel in Humbrol matt black (n. 33). 

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Wait for a completely drying and then pass the wheels through your fingers in order to obtain a real rubber wheel.  The model shows a F-104G in Italian Airforce during the end of '70s - Ghedi AFB - 6 Stormo (Wing).  Techinique for obtain a very delicate decals: when you prepare the water for the decals, please add 2 (I said 2!!!) drops of vinegar ... this is better than a lot of "decal works" in commerce! 
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Thanks to Roberto Sauro for his incredible patience and support

Photos and text by Maurizio Bressan