1/72 Revell Republic P-47M

by Joe Youngerman



   The P-47M was intended to be an improvement on the bubble topped P-47D. The powerplant was modified in an attempt to improve performance, but a series of problems with the ignition systems, piston rings and the pistons themselves caused considerable problems for the aircraft initially. The problems were eventually ironed out but the delay kept the P-47M from playing much of a role in Europe. Virtually all of the P-47Ms were given to the 56th Fighter Group of the Eighth Air Force. My aircraft depicts Witold Lanowski's aircraft, (4 Kills), flying with the 61st Fighter Squadron, 56th Fighter Group in April 1945.


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  Revell's kit really captures the look of this great aircraft nicely with my only real criticism being that the landing gear looks to be a couple of scale inches to short. The cockpit is fairly detailed but a resin replacement might be in order here. I pretty much built mine out of the box except for replacing the gun barrels so a clean look could be achieved on the leading edge of the wing. 


 The model was painted using Alclad ll and Modelmaster enamels. The top surface of these aircraft was dark blue, not black as is often quoted in various books...this comes directly from one of the 56th's pilots! I used Ministry Of Small Arms decals and was very pleased with them. I really enjoyed this kit and bought two more for future projects!


Photos and text by Joe Youngerman