1/35 Trumpeter Mil Mi-24V Hind-E   (part 2)

by Spencer ďWarthogĒ West



Here is part 2 of my Trumpeter Hind 24. First of all I would like to start of by saying that I would have liked to include some of the build pics of this kit where I left off from the last post to ARC but my camera packed up

So itís a bit of a jump to a nearly completed kit Iím afraid. Some of the parts are loosely fixed for assembly later.

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I have never used an airbrush before so the paint scheme isnít up to the standards that I have seen on some of the models I see posted here on ARC, so I hope you like my first attempt.

 I started of by giving the Hind a coat of Halfords Grey Primer and allowed it to dry for about a day; this was then given a coat of Model Masters Sand (FS33531). I then drew a pattern with a pencil for where the Model Masters Olive Drab (FS34088) was to go. Remember this is the first time Iíve used an airbrush so as you can imagine I was shaking like a frightened rabbit. (Hope it doesnít show) The windows are still masked off.

The Weathering was done with Soft EarthTone pastels from a local art shop; this was applied with a 00 series 2000 brush.

The whole model was then given a generous if not slight rubbing over with some Scotchbrite to give a worn look.

There is still plenty to do and My Wife has brought me a new camera which I took these pictures with, so I will do Part 3 Soon.



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Photos and text © by Spencer West