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Markings on Model

Photo of Model

       Scale, Manufacturer, Model Type and Author 

1/48 Airfix Jaguar by Yusof 

1/72 Italeri Jaguar GRI by Bill Clark

1/72 Italeri Jaguar GR. Mk1 by Villanueva Laurent

1/72 Revell BAe Harrier Gr.7 and 1/72 Italeri Sepecat Jaguar Gr.1  RAF Display Aircraft by Daniel Butcher

1/48 Heller Jaguar 1 A  by A.Cagri Acikgoz

1/72 Hasegawa Sepecat Jaguar by Eric Bade

1/72 Hasegawa Jaguar by Shaun Bowman-Davies

1/48 Airfix Sepecat Jaguar GR3 by Karl W Branson

1/72 Hasegawa Jaguar GR.Mk.1/A “Desert Scheme” by Alexander Sidharta

1/72 Hasegawa 'Gulf' Jaguar GR1. "Johnny Fartpants" by Neil Burkill

1/48 Airfix RAF Jaguar GR1A by Darius Aibara

1/48 Heller Sepecat Jaguar Hi-Tech conversion école (E) by Duncan

1/72 Hasegawa Sepecat Jaguar by Raja Bose

1/72 Tamiya Sepecat Jaguar by Murli Rajan

1/72 Kit Built In 2004  by Cho Shiou Hwa

1/72 Italeri Sepecat Jaguar GR1.A  by Duncan Lake

Ecuadorian Air Force Jaguars by Jimmy Galvez

1/72 Hasegawa Sepecat Jaguar  by Fernando Jimenez

1/72 Hasegawa SEPECAT Jaguar IM by Rupesh Santoshi

1/72 Airfix, Heller and Italeri Jaguar S and B  by Polly Singh

1/72 Hasegawa Sepecat Jaguar IB  by Rupesh Santoshi

1/72 Jaguar GR.9  by Rob Haelterman

1/72 Italeri Jaguar T2  by Aamod Potdar

1/72 Italeri Jaguar T2  by Murli Rajan

1/72 Hasegawa Jaguar GR1 “Debbie”  by Stuart Porteous

1/72 Airfix Jaguar GR1  by John Green

1/72 Tamiya/Italeri Jaguar  by Juan Ramon Garcia Martin

1/72 Italeri Sea Jaguar FRS.1  by Nick Walton

1/72 Hasegawa Jaguar by Blackeyes

1/48 Heller Sepecat Jaguar A  by Bernard Lapeyrie

1/48 Heller Jaguar A by Benner

1/72 Revell SEPECAT Jaguar IM by Leonard Prakasam

1/48 Airfix GR1A Jaguar by Benner

1/72 Italeri Sepecat Jaguar by Fernando I. Moreno Villa

1/48 Airfix Jaguar GR.3 by Artur Oslizlo

1/72 Hasegawa Jaguar IS by Leonard Prakasam

1/48 Airfix Sepecat Jaguar by Murli Rajan

1/48 Trumpeter MiG-23MS by Artur Oslizlo/Arkady72

1/72 Hasegawa SEPECAT Jaguar GR Mk 1/A by Andrea Pomettini

1/72 Hasegawa Jaguar GR 1A by Philip De Keyser

1/48 Jaguar GR-1 by Fred Shammas

1/48 Kittyhawk Jaguar GR3 by Richard Spreckley

1/144 Mini Hobby Models Sepecat Jaguar GR1 by S K Loh

1/48 Airfix Jaguar IM by Sean Langley

1/48 Heller Jaguar IS by Damanbir Sekhon

1/100 Heller Cadet Jaguar M/E by Duncan

1/72 Italeri IAF Jaguar IS by Vinayak Dutt Shukla

1/72 Italeri Jaguar GR.1 by Dragan Cvetic

1/72 Sepecat Jaguar GR3 by S K Loh

15 August Independence day 2015 by Tom Thounaojam

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