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Markings on Model

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       Scale, Manufacturer, Model Type and Author 

1/72 Aeroclub Aermacchi Mb 326 by Marco Matulli 

1/72 Aero Club Embraer Aermachi MB326 "XAVANTE" by Marcius Cesar Costa

1/48 Esci Aermacchi MB-326k Impala MK2 by Neil Commerford

1/48 ESCI Atlas MB-326K Impala Mk. II by Sebastian L

1/48 Italeri MB326 Impala by Dave Funchall

1/48 Italeri MB 326 by Zafer Yilmaz

1/48 ESCI Aermachi Mb-326gb by Pablo Girgulsky

1/48 Italeri Aermacchi MB326  by Baran Cakmak

1/48 Italeri MB326  by Warren Osborne

1/72 Italeri MB326 / Atlas Impala Mk.I by Dirk Schenk

1/48 Italeri MB.326 by Artur Oslizlo

1/72 Italeri Airmacchi MB-326 by Carmel J Attard

172 Italeri MB-326K by Dragan Cvetic

A Tribute to the Italian Armed Forces by Andrea De Tora

1/72 ESCI Aermacchi MB-326K by Andrea De Tora

1/72 Italeri MB-326K Impala Mk.II by Dirk Schenk

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