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       Scale, Manufacturer, Model Type and Author 

Three Submarines  by Rodney Williams

1/350 Airfix S.S. Canberra by Dmitriy Shapiro

The Schooner Bluenose 1/65 Billing Boats model by Charlie Arsenault

Revell Germany U-BOOT Type VIIC U96  by Daniel Schlosser

1/72 U-Boat Atlantic Version  by Peter Kouklos & Alex Kontiveis

1/700 HMS Coventry 25 May 1982  by Graham Symmonds

1/142 Revell Fishing Trawler  by Karl W Branson

Revell USS Yorktown  by Max Tollens Jr.

1/125 cut-away Revell U-47 by Ray Hemenway

1/150 Doyusha U-209  by Ray Hemenway

1/350 YS Masterpieces SS Oregon  by Gabriel Kalfopoulos

1/24 Midwest Muscongus Bay Lobster Smack  by Roger Luk

Project U-564 Part 1  by Frank Dargies

Project U-564 Part 2  by Frank Dargies

Project U-564 Part 3 by Frank Dargies

1/220 Revell USS Lionfish  by Jorge Bonilla

1/72 Revell/Monogram German submarine type VII U295  by Heico van der Heide

Seaview and Flying Sub  by John A Thomas

The Final Countdown Gatsby flattop cruiser by Duncan

RC Boat USCGC Shelby by Keith Diamond

1/350 Flagman U-boat Type VIIC by Florian Enste

1/72 Revell U-Boat Type VIIC by Bla’k Ja’k

Aurora Viking Ship by Orlando Sucre

1/350 Minicraft RMS Titanic and 1/1 daughter by Konley Kelley

1/400 Revell AIDAdiva by Paolo Yuen

1/350 HMS Warspite by Shawn "phantom" Weiler

Operation Petticoat by Konley Kelley

Submarine under water by George Oh

1/35 Diorama named “Brave Heart” by Sam Wong

1/700 S-Model Imperial Chinese Navy Chen Yuen, 1894 by Jorge Andres Rivas Krause

1/350 Tamiya Seaplanes aboard IJN Yamato by Fred Smith

1/350 Bronco Models USS New York LPD-21 by Paolo Yuen

1/225 Revell H.M.S. Victory by Victor De Jesus

1/700 USS Princeton (CV-37) and 1/144 CVG-19 Air Wing by Robert C. Bond

Not-the-Titanic by George Oh

1/350 Tamiya I-400 Submarine by Eric Morningstar

2014 USS Arizona Final Toast by Andrew Desautels

HMCS Sorel - 1/72 Revell Flower Class Corvette by Graham Symmonds

1/72 RCN Corvette K225 HMCS Kitchener by Shawn “phantom” Weiler

1/700 Fujimi HMS Eagle R05 (with 1/700 air wing) by Marcello Rosa

1/350 Trumpeter HMCS Iroquois by "Shawn "phantom" Weiler

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