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Markings on Model

Photo of Model

       Scale, Manufacturer, Model Type and Author 

1/48 Italeri TA-152-H by Andy Irving

1/48 Trimaster Ta 152c by Martin Gastel

1/48 Hasegawa Ta-152H1 in the markings of JG 301 by Anthony Manzoli

1/48 Dragon Ta-152 by Mauro Ferri

1/48 DML Ta 152  by Chaz Nims

1/72 Aoshima Ta 152H-1 by Joe Youngerman

1/48 Italeri Ta-152 by David Van Wagoner

1/48 Hasegawa Ta-152 by Mirko Meier

1/48 Tri-Master Ta-152H-1  by Chip Jean

1/48 Trimaster/Dragon Ta 152H  by Yufei Mao

1/48 Dragon Ta 152H-1  by Bill Lachance

1/48 Dragon Focke Wulf Ta 152H-1  by Rafi Ben-Shahar

1/32 J. Rutman's Ta-152H  by Michael Ezat

1/72 Dragon Ta-152H1 by Duan

1/48 Dragon FW TA 152 H-1 by Serge Dompierre

1/48 RV Resin and Dragon Focke wulf Ta 152C by Rafi Ben-Shahar

1/48 Hobby Boss Ta 152 C-1 by Jens Gerber

1/48 Hobbyboss Ta-152 C0 by Antonio “Coyote Jr.” Quiros Ibieta

1/48 Dragon TA152H-1 by David Rapasi

1/72 Revell Focke Wulf TA-152H by Kees Kuyper

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