1/48 Tamiya Spitfire Mk. Vb

Gallery Article by Neil Wynne


The Spitfire Vb is the Tamiya 1:48 kit, I chose the clipped wing version included in the kit. I believe they used to clip those wonderful elliptical wings to enable the aircraft to become more manoeuvrable at lower levels. 


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The kit was built more or less straight from the box, with only the Airwaves etched brass detail set and True Details resin wheels. The etched brass set supplied a wonderful pilot seat (much better scale thickness) as well as other cockpit details and also allows the modeller to lower the  landing flaps on the wings. This entailed removing the kit flaps but was quite simple a task using the Tamiya panel line scriber. 

I also replaced the rudder actuator push pull rod below the left tail plane. The kit item is moulded solid on the side of the fuselage, I simply cut it away, leaving the rudder actuator horn on the rudder and replaced it with a short length of stretched sprue. 

The model was then primed using Halfords Acrylic Primer and then airbrushed with my Badger 150 and Aeromaster Warbird Acrylics. I used a thinned wash of The Detailer which is a great product, like a wash in a bottle, around the landing gear legs and bays and also around the cowlings. 

I used the kit decals and added panel lines with a soft sharp pencil, I then dirtied the airframe with Tamiya Smoke airbrushed of course and then sealed everything with Aeromaster Acrylic dull coat.

Neil Wynne


Photos and text by Neil Wynne