1/48 Arii/Otaki P-47D

Gallery Article by Terry Sumner Jr.


This model was built by Terry Sumner Jr. (TJ, as everyone knows me by). I'm
15 years old and on April 29th/2000, and I'm pleased to report this model won Best Junior Airplane with this model at NorEastCon, the IPMS Region One Convention.  The kit is the Arii/Otaki, built mostly out of the box. I added new gun barrels made from Hypodermic stainless steel tubing.  I applied the powder stains by scrubbing in some black pastel chalk dust into the flat top coat with a special brush which has most of the fibers cut off. 


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I painted the Razorback with Modelmaster enamels, added Aeromaster decals, Testor's Dullcote and a little weathering of pastel chalks.

The tail was painted yellow first and then the black and clear AEROMASTER checkers were applied using SuperSet first, then SuperSol to make them lay down nice and tight.

Terry Sumner Jr.

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Photos and text by Terry Sumner Jr.