1/32 Hasegawa F/A-18C Hornet

Gallery Article by Patrick Spitaels


Here are some shots of the F 18C HORNET at 1/32 scale.  Everybody knows about this model from HASEGAWA, especially the amount of work required on it! I've added the resin correction set from XTRAPARTS to have a correct Hornet, plus details set for the central tank, the two pods, .....the resin set is easy to place, very well done.  You have also photoetched parts that come with the set.


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I've also rescribed the whole plane, and decided to lower the slats/flaps. This gives a nice look to this bird. The decals are from a SUPERSCALE sheet. Paint is from TESTOR.

The only problems I had is around the gears, maybe it was the load of this aircraft, but I had to place a needle to support those gears!  About the load, the GBU comes from an F15 kit, the MK82 from the scrap box. The proud pilot who sits in this bird is a mix from the TOP GUN pilot from VERLINDEN, and lots of putty just to find the right look !. 

Hope you'll like it - I'm now looking forward to the new Hornet from ACADEMY, maybe with an aggressor scheme!
Have a great day everyone!!

Patrick Spitaels

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Photos and text by Patrick Spitaels